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Sana Pancholi Age, Wiki, Biography, Aditya Pancholi Daughter, Husband

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Name Sana Pancholi

Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Marriage / Boyfriend / Dating Currently Not Married.

Birthday / Date of Birth / How old is Sana Pancholi Age Sana was born in 1989. As of 2020, she is around 31 years old.

Bio Profile / Wikipedia Information

Introduction :

Sana Pancholi is best known as the daughter of Bollywood actor – Aditya Pancholi & sister of Suraj Pancholi.

Family Background & Biography :

  • Sana was born to parents – Well Known Actor Aditya Pancholi & Actress Zarina Wahab. She has light coloured eyes, much like her dad.
  • Actor Suraj Pancholi (born 1990) is her younger brother. Many people wrongly assume that Suraj is the older brother because he is quite protective of Sana. The siblings are quite close to each other.
  • Her father Aditya dated actress Kangana Ranaut who is almost similarly aged as Sana.
  • Sana has studied films & acting in Los Angeles, USA.

Net Worth & Career :

  • There were some rumors that Sana will make her debut in 2007, but the role went to Kangana Ranaut. When she was in school, she was offered a role in the movie “Direct Dil Se.”
  • Reportedly, she got a lot of offers after that, but she chose not to do them because her interest laid in realistic films.
  • She is the owner of a new fine Italian dining restaurant in Goa.

Controversy & Interesting Facts :

  • Some years back, a drug scandal erupted which involved her. Sana and Siddhant Kapoor (Shakti Kapoor son) were detained by the cops at a well-known pub in Mumbai. Sana replied to the controversy saying that she was unnecessarily dragged into it.
  • Quite active on social media, she often posts photos of her partying and going out with her friends & family.
  • Doing yoga, travelling & doing theatre are few of her boys.

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