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Kelly Willoughby Wiki, Age, Husband, Wedding (Holly Willoughby Sister)

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Name Kelly Willoughby

Birthday / Kelly Willoughby Age / Date of Birth / DOB As of 2022, she is around 44 years old. A 2020 interview in The Sun, had mentioned her age as 42.

Wikipedia Biography / Profile Information

Introduction :

Kelly Willoughby is an English writer & the elder sister of TV anchor Holly Willoughby.

Early Life :

  • Kelly admits to having enjoyed a happy childhood, she grew up with her sister & parents in West Sussex.
  • Parents : Her mother Lynn was a former Air Hostess & father Brian, a manager for Everest Double Glazing.
  • Education : She attended the Burgess School for Girls and was a high achiever at schools. Kelly was always more interested in books, Enid Blyton, in particular, than make-up.
  • The diligent child played Grade 7 piano & even learned tap dancing.
  • She left home to study French & Italian at the prestigious University of Exeter.

Personal Life, Parents & Family Background :

  • Kelly is a married woman and mother.
  • She still lives in West Sussex with her husband David, a chartered surveyor, and their young daughter, Lola (born in 2012).
  • Kelly is also very close with her mom, who apparently calls both of her daughters several times every day.

Relationship with Holly Willoughby Sister :

  • Living in the shadows until recently, Kelly is the older sister of famed TV presenter Holly Willoughby, although the pair are more like twins and even finish each other’s sentences. Their looks, however, are vastly different – Holly is a tall blonde, whereas Kelly is a curvy brunette.
  • The sisters made their first TV appearance together on the popular daily chat show in 2013.
  • Growing up, the sisters were close despite their obvious differences.
  • Holly visited her sister while she studied at university & the pair even bought their first flat together, where they stayed until Holly met her husband Dan Baldwin.
  • Kelly was the chief bridesmaid at Holly’s wedding & Holly was later chief bridesmaid at Kelly’s wedding.

Profession, Net worth & Career :

  • Before pursuing her dream to become a writer, Kelly worked in film and TV production teams.
  • Fresh from university, she began her career as the UK road manager for 19 Entertainment.
  • In her early 30’s, Kelly saw her younger sister married with children and was prompted to reassess her own life, subsequently taking a less demanding position as a personal assistant to TV presenter Eamonn Holmes.

Kelly & Holly Willoughby Book :

  • In 2013, Kelly and Holly published their debut children’s novel ‘L’Etoile: School for Stars’.
  • It is a story following the progress of twins Molly and Maria Fitzfoster and their friend Pipa as they embark on their first term at the musical and drama school.
  • The Novel was initially rejected by some publishers for not being modern enough but later successfully published by Orion & priced at £4.99.
  • Kelly has since co-wrote the sequels ‘L’Etoile: School for Stars, Second Term’ and ‘L’Etoile: School for Stars, Third Term’. The latter was published in March 2014.
  • The author says that she takes inspiration from own daughter as well as her niece and nephews.

Sibling Rivalry :

  • The Willoughby sisters appear to be the perfect team.
  • Both claim that there has never been any rivalry between them, even when Kelly was achieving top grades in school and Holly was rising as a TV star.
  • It seems the only disagreement between the double act is when one drinks the other’s glass of wine!
Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Boyfriend / Partner Married. See above for relationship details.

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