Name Kirsten Katrina Corley

Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / DOB Born on 31st May 1993. As of 2019, she is 26 years old.

Biography Profile / Wikipedia Information

Introduction :

  • Kirsten Katrina Corley, the fiancé of rapper Chance, is described as full of integrity, enthusiasm, energy, and a focus on wholeheartedly helping others.

Personal Life & Education :

  • Kirsten was born on 31st May 1993 in Chicago, Illinois and graduated from DePaul University in Chicago with a B. A. in Psychology in 2013.
  • In 2013, Kirsten Katrina began dating Chicago native and music artist Chancelor Jonathan Bennett, also known as “Chance”, and has had a rocky relationship for the past few years.
  • They split briefly in 2016, with Kirsten making Instagram posts about saying goodbye hurts “not because I don’t love him, but because love isn’t supposed to hurt this much.” But soon the couple reconciled early in 2017.
  • Kirsten likes the color red, Chinese food, and adores actress Jennifer Lawrence. Her hobbies include shopping, traveling, and visiting Paris.

Chance & Kirsten’s Love Life :

  • At a 4th July 2018 backyard barbecue with family and friends, Chance asked Corley to marry him.
  • He stated that she is his best friend and he thanks God for her every day.
  • The couple share a daughter, Kensli Bennett, who was born in September 2015.
  • A devoted father, Chance took Kensli to meet ex-President Barack and Michelle Obama in 2017 and to visit the set of the movie, Black Panther.
  • Dating Chicago’s darling keeps private moments a rarity, however when fans approach Chance and Kirsten at restaurants or on the street they are very kind to everyone, as always.

More about Chance the Rapper :

  • Chance’s father, Ken Bennett, is a senior advisor at the Chicago tourism office, Choose Chicago. His mother works for the Illinois Attorney General’s office, and has been supportive of the couple throughout.
  • In 2015, Chance was the Saturday Night Live’s first unsigned musical guest, but he also had a serious drug problem.
  • This led to his father, Ken, handling his music career, a crisis intervention meeting with his family, and him becoming serious about Kristen.
  • In the next six months, he found out he was becoming a father, quit drugs, and gained a relationship with God.
  • He is passionate about helping local youth, and gave $1 million dollars to the Chicago public school system after he won a Grammy; he also posts frequently about not having racism in any form in America.

Job, Career, Salary & Net Worth :

  • Corley is an American model, freelance media specialist, and Re/Max real estate office administrator.
  • She debuted her career when her best friend, Natalie Wright, began creating clothing samples for her to model and then posted the videos to her website.
  • It took months to get the samples perfect, and the resulting “lookbook” drew local Chicagoan fashion interest.
  • Besides this, Corley has also worked with pediatric patients as an Outreach Coordinator for the North Shore Pediatric Therapy group in Greater Chicago.
Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Engaged / Fiance Currently Engaged. See details above.