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Sofia Balbi Wikipedia: age, edad【 Luis Suárez wife biografía 】height

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Name Sofia Balbi

Birthday / Date of Birth / Sofia Balbi Age / Edad 11th October 1989. As of 2023, she is around 34 years old.

Wiki Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

Sofia Balbi is the wife of soccer star Luis Suárez, who is also known for her acclaimed shoe store in Barcelona.

Early Life and Luis Suárez Sofia Balbi Love Story ! :

  • Sofia was born on 11 October 1989 in Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • She grew up quite comfortable compared to most in Uruguay, as a member of an almost upper-class family.
  • When she was 15, her family noticed Luis Suárez, a street sweeper, seemed to have fallen on hard times and took him into their home for two years.
  • He left their home when Sofia was 17, as her family moved to Spain. But, by that stage, the two were said to be completely in love.
  • Her family had moved to Spain for her Father’s work, which was said to be in the banking industry.
  • However, Sofia has stated she was devastated to leave Uruguay as it was all she has known until that point of her life.

Journey as Luis Suárez Wife :

  • Sofia was reportedly the reason behind Luis Suárez’s drive for soccer. Luis used it as a way to get to Spain and reunite with her.
  • She reportedly began travelling with him throughout his career, and has been credited as a calming influence on his sometimes-agitated life. Luis himself has said that “she saved his life.”
  • In August of 2010, she gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Delphina Suárez. This was followed in 2013 by the birth of their son Benjamin Suárez.

Store, Career and Net Worth :

  • In late 2016, it was announced that Sofia would be collaborating with Antonella Roccuzzo to open a shoe store in Barcelona.
  • The two had become friends when their husbands began playing together at Barcelona FC in 2014. They were both said to be the most stylish on the WAG scene at the time.
  • The store itself opened in May of 2017 & featured designer Ricky Sarkany, from Argentina.
  • They are the first European store to feature his goods.
  • The store will also stock accessories by many other noted designers, and has already received positive reviews from many fashion journals.
  • Sofia documents her style finds for the store through her Instagram account, @sofiabalbifc, which as of 2019 has 20,000+ followers.

Biting Controversy :

  • In 2014, her husband Luis became the centre of biting allegations during the 2014 Fifa World Cup. He was said to have bitten the opposite team’s defender, something he actively denied to Sofia.
  • After video footage of the incident confirmed he had bitten the defender, and was subsequently released to the media, she reportedly forced him to undertake anger management courses.
  • While out with friends at the time, reporters hounded her and asked if she wanted her children to grow up biting like their father, to which she replied ‘Of course not.’
Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Dating / Engaged Married to Footballer Luis Suárez.

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