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Jitendra Kumar TVF Pitchers, Age, IIT, Wiki, Biography, Comedy

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Name Jitendra Kumar (Also Known as : Jeetendra Kumar)

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB September 1, 1990. As of 2024, he is around 34 years old.

Most Memorable Role Munna Jazbati from TVF show of the same name / As Jitu in TVF’s Pitchers

Wikipedia Biodata / Profile Background

Profile :Whether he is the “Jazbaati” from his overflowing emotions or annoyed by his dad as Jeetu, Jitendra Kumar is everybody’s favourite YouTube actor. His acting on TVF has made him an overnight star. He had even worked in films such as A Wednesday, Shuruaat Ka Interval and of course TVF’s Pitchers and Permanent Roommates whose Season 2 ended in 2016.

Personal life :

His parents were initially quite doubtful of his career choice but they changed their mind after his success.

Being from the same IIT but belonging to different halls, Jitendra and his TVF co-star Biswapati Sarkar never had any arguments. His relationship with Biswapati is quite playful as he often teases him because of being senior. In real-life his success hasn’t gone to his head, he is very humble. In an interview, on visiting his old IIT Kharagpur campus as a chief lecturer, he expressed his nervousness. For him, nothing has changed him since his college days.

Career :

Should we call him Jeetu or Munna Jasbati or Arjun Kejriwal, Jitendra Kumar can be anybody but one thing is sure that we didn’t expect him to be, that is to be an engineer. It is almost a trend with engineers these days to become actors or comedians. Whether it is his teammate Biswapati Sarkar or Ashish Shakya of AIB frame, the engineers often turned into comedians which are a reflection of Indian parents or the general effect of engineering, either way, we have got some of the finest actors and comedians from IIT. Jitendra is one of those dark horses.

Even in his IIT days, he had been involved with literature and won many prizes in Hindi elocution. His career decision wasn’t a sudden one but gradual. After engineering from IIT Kharagpur he struggled to get a job but his struggles were proving to be futile. Biswapati Sarkar asked him to join in TVF as an intern and see if he likes it there.

He shot for videos such as ‘Har ek friend zaruri nhi hota hai’ for TVF but still felt confused. After again trying for engineering related jobs, he realized that he wasn’t fit for it and thus returned to TVF which was his work as well as passion. We won’t be surprised if he went on to win National Award as this dark horse definitely has more cards to show.

Wedding & Marriage / Spouse / Wife Currently not married, possibly single. Check the full bio for relationship details.

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