Name Urooj Ashfaq

Biography Profile / Information

Introduction :

Do you know the winner of FemaPalooza, which was held in April 2017 at Mumbai? Yes, you are right! We are talking about Urooj Ashfaq, who has managed to create a unique niche for herself in the field of stand-up comedy.

Personal Details :

  • Urooj is still deemed as a relatively recent ‘phenomenon’ on the entertainment scene.
  • As of 2017, she is only 21 years of age, but this resident of Navi Mumbai is highly ambitious.
  • Currently, little details are available about her immediate family, siblings, etc.

Career Timeline & Progress

  • A friend had urged Urooj to enter an open mic contest. This was in June 2016.
  • The event was held at the Canvas Laugh Club, Mumbai.
  • Urooj laments that her first set of acts were terrible! She expected to be ridiculed. Surprisingly, the audience and the organizers of the show were supportive!
  • Despite a bad start, Urooj continued to take part in diverse open mic events, thereby gaining in confidence.
  • To her great delight, she has even won several stand-up comedy competitions held in Mumbai!
  • The veterans in the theatre/television industry have seen something different in Urooj. Therefore, they are generous in their encouragement.

  • Urooj also went in for a two-month internship with All India Bakchod (AIB), in 2016.
  • She gained valuable tips & education from this AIB stint. After all, the immensely popular foursome of AIB has been around on the ‘comedy scene’ for quite some time.
  • Urooj is a good writer too. This prompted Abish Mathew to seek her services for the latest season of his talk show, “Son of Abish”.
  • She is fully occupied with perfecting a 30-minute comedy act.

Interesting Facts, Height & Trivia :

  • Urooj has loved ‘clowning around’ right from childhood!
  • As per her own admission, she was always the joker in every class. Her jokes and jovial manner helped her gain many friends, wherever she went.
  • Then again, she adores writing, albeit comedy scripts.
  • Stand-up comedy is her forte, wherein she focuses on all kinds of topics, such as cannibalism, burquas, tattoos, psychopaths, waxing, etc!
  • Even the most serious of issues is commented upon in an extremely humorous and lively manner.
  • She even regrets that she does not have the requisite intelligence to become an astronaut!
  • Urooj adores interacting with people on social networking sites. She is highly popular on Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

Fans believe that Urooj is funny. She believes it herself too! However, she would also like to put it to the test. Therefore, the stage becomes her examination hall, wherein she sets out to prove to a live audience that she can indeed make tears of laughter roll down everyone’s cheeks without much effort!

Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Dating / Boyfriend Currently Not Married.

Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / DOB As of 2018, she is around 21 years old.