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Lalit Prabhakar Biography, Wife, Height, Wiki, Family

lalit prabhakar Marathi actor
Name Lalit Prabhakar (ललित प्रभाकर)

Also Known as / Real Name Lalit Prabhakar / Aditya from Julun Yeti Reshimgathi

Birth Date/ Age / Birthday 12th September 1987. As of 2024, he is around 37 years old.

Marital Status / Wedding & Marriage / Wife / Girlfriend Currently not married, possibly single. Check the full bio for relationship details.

Wikipedia Biodata / Profile Background

Lalit Prabhakar is a Marathi actor.

Personal Life :

Lalit was born and brought up in Kalyan, near Mumbai. Lalit shares a passion for sketching and painting as well. Right from childhood, he was fond of reading and Ek-paatri nataks. His family includes his parents – his mother is a teacher, and his father is a professor at ITI.

Lalit’s educational background includes a Bachelors in Computer Science. He is also a recipient of the Young Artist Scholarship given by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs.

Professional Life :

His real break with acting, came when he joined the natak group Mitichar.

The chemistry with his co-star Prajakta Mali (Aditya – Meghana) in Julun Yeti Reshimgathi made this one of the most popular shows on Zee Marathi in 2014 – 2016.

His short entry into the serial Dil Dosti Duniyadari was very popular as well. He played Minal’s love interest. He has a shy personality and has shied away from rumours about him having a girlfriend.

Lalit has admitted his love for theatre over television in some of his interviews.

His height is around 5 feet 10 inches (175 cm).

TV Serials & Shows Acted
  • Gandha Phulancha Gela Sangun
  • Aabhas ha
  • Dil Dosti Duniyadari – Kabir
  • Julun Yeti Reshimgathi
  • Jeevalaga – Debut TV series
Natak / Plays Acted
  • Takshakyag
  • Invisible City
Most Memorable Role As the adorable and loving Aditya Desai in Zee marathi TV show Julun Yeti Reshimgathi

22 thoughts on “Lalit Prabhakar Biography, Wife, Height, Wiki, Family”

  1. Lalit, Tuze looks tar superb ahet ch pan tuzi acting real vatte. koni Prem karav tr Aditya sarkh. 7years houn sudhha tuzy baddal ch prem kami zal nahi.tuzi Anandi Gopal madhli acting excellent ahe. Hope karte tula kadhi bhetta yeil. Best luck for future & Lods of love from my side.

  2. ललित, तुला खूप शुभेच्छा. जुळुन येती, रेशीमगाठी, खूप छान होती.

  3. Hii…Lalit
    I am a big fan of you mala rashimgati serial khup avadta mi te roja bagta……I like you adighana mala tula betichya khup icha aaha pls pls pls make part second of this serial…
    I love you Pralit

  4. Hii Lalit
    I am a big fan of youis I really like your work
    Mala tumchi Julun yeti Reshimgathi Serial khup avadt hoti tumha doghanchi chemistry Mala khup avdaychi
    mala tula bhetaychi khup icha ahe
    pls make part second of this serial

  5. hiiii
    Lalit mala tu khup avadtos I really like you an also love you pls tu lagn karu nko

    only yours RUTUJA
    I LOVE U

  6. Hi…brother
    mazya family la tujhi aani meghana chi jodi khup aavadte.
    Tumhi doghe lavakar ekhada navin show suru.
    Tumacha ujwal future sathi best of luck.

  7. Hii Lalit dada mala tu khup mhanje khup avdtos mala ekda tari bhetyacha ahe plz ekda Ani tuza ani maza bday ekach mont madhe ahe so mala celebrate karycha ahe…

  8. Hi Lalit I am a big fan of yours……..You are so cute yaar……I love you (aAditya). Please make part second of this serial.

  9. hi Lalit tu khup handsome ah me khup craze ah tujyasthi ani tu reshimgathi serial madhi kiti romantic ahhhh majzyakade tuji pic ahhh

  10. Hii……Lalit I am a big fan of youis…….I really like your work…..That you have done in julun yeti rashimgati me ta serial ajun bagta I rally love you Lalit……(Aditya) mala tuji and Prajakta che jodi khup aawadte pls Prajakta aani tu lawkar sobat ya pls pls pls laukar ye part second of this serial julun yeti rashimgati mala tula ekda bhati cha aaha maza divsa che survat tumcha photo pahun hota maze ankal sudha tuja sarka hota me tani Aditya mhnat hota pan ata Aditya amchat nahi pls ekda mala bhate na pls tula khup miss kartey lavkar navin show madn ya na and hampi movie sati bast of luck

  11. Julun yeti reshimgathi ka bara band keli mala tumchi chemistry khup aawdat hoti pls Prajakta aani tu lawkar sobat ya pls pls pls laukar ye parat I miss you and mai nana archu Amit dada vijaya Satish and Prajakta aani mala tula ekda bheyaychay pls pls pls ekda bhetaychay

  12. hi,

    lavkr navin show madhe ye re khup miss kartey tula.
    tujhi smile khp chan aahe……………
    ekda tula bhetayla milale ast tar khup bhari zal ast…………

    kadhi ase hoil kaa re????????

  13. Hi, मला तु खूप जास्त अावडताे. तूझी Acting & तूझा लूक पण. तू लवकर TV show & pictures mdhe ye. I miss u

  14. hi Lalit……mala tuji aani Prajaktachi jodi khup aawadte, khupch God dista tumhi doghe he sobat, parat tumhala kadhi sobat phayla milel…!!!

  15. Hii…………Lalit I am a big fan of yours…………….I really like your work…..That you have done in julun yeti…And I rally love you Lalit……(Aditya)…And also like your new name KABIRRR…Best of luck for your carrer…

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