Name Alice Campello

Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Matrimonio / Sposa Currently Married to footballer Alvaro Morata

Age /Data di nascita / Alice Campello Età / Anni 5th March 1996. As of 2018, she is around 22 years old.

Biografia / Biography / Wiki Information

Early Life : Parents & Family

  • Alice Campello was born on 5th March 1995 in Mestre, Venice.

  • She is of Italian nationality, with both her parents coming from an Italian background.
  • Parents – Her mother is Maria Campello and her father is Andrea Campello. Her dad was the owner of Campello Motors, a very successful car sales company based in Venice.
  • Due to her high net worth family, it is believed that she had a wealthy upbringing.
  • Her brother is Alessandro Campello with whom she has been close with since they were children.
  • The specifics of her upbringing are somewhat unknown but throughout her education, Alice was in a long-term relationship with her childhood sweetheart Alberto Franceschi.
  • Education : After finishing school, she decided to study at the International University of Language and Media in Milan (IULM) and graduated in 2016.

Life as Alvaro Morata Wife :

  • Alice’s current husband is the young professional footballer Alvaro Morata (in 2017, signed by Chelsea for a record breaking £70 million).
  • He private messaged her on social media in early 2016. She was unsure who it was and had to find out from her father who this mysterious man was.
  • After meeting in Milan, their relationship moved very quickly and Alvaro proposed to Alice in December 2016 on stage at a magic show at the Rialto theatre. Apparently, the pair had been asked to join the magician on stage for a demonstration.
  • The young couple had their wedding in June 2017 at the Basilica del Redentore in Venice & were joined by many famous football faces.

Career : Profession, Salary & Net Worth

  • Gwendolyn’s career has always been in entertainment and she can now class herself as a triple threat with experience as a model, recording artist and actress.
  • In 2001, the then single Gwendolyn move to Los Angeles along with daughter Monique to begin auditioning for TV shows and movies, with her first movie role being Any Given Sunday.
  • She began starring in a number of TV shows across LA over the next few years until she made her national debut as the newest showcase girl to join The Price is Right.

  • Currently an ongoing model on The Price is Right (joined in 2005), she had previous TV roles including the role of Jade Dominguez for two seasons on Ocean Avenue, alongside Megan Fox, as well as starring in Charmed and also Huff as minor roles.
  • After these first few TV appearances, among other small projects, came the evolution of Meet the Smiths, after their family of seven were attracting public attention. The scripted reality series, which aired on TBS in 2015 was based around the family’s interesting American lifestyle and aired for one season with six episodes.
  • Gwendolyn’s acting career also extends to the big screen, with her most recent film appearance in Jack and Jill in 2011, and other movies include Snow Dogs and Any Given Sunday.
  • Her musical background shows Gwendolyn as a singer, whose first studio album is also in creation.

Interesting Facts :

  • Alice speaks Italian and English fluently.
  • She is a fan of Jovanotti and her favourite song is ‘Who knows if you’re sleeping’.
  • Her favourite TV show is Gossip Girl.
  • Campello Motors is a multi-million dollar company, with a turnover of 100+ million euros in 2016.