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Classmates Movie Story, Plot, Wiki, Review, Songs, Actress

classmates Marathi movie cast
Name Classmates

Date of Release / Release Date 16th January 2015.

Genre Friendship / Comedy / College Life

Running Time 146 minutes

Box Office Collection 30+ Crores

Actor & Actress/ Star Cast
Story / Plot

Classmates is an Indian Marathi movie which was released on 16th January 2015.

This film is an official remake of the Malayalam movie which also had the same name – Classmates which was released way back in 2006. Directed by Aditya Ajay Sarpotdar, one will find Ankush Choudhary and Sai Tamhankar as the leading roles in the movie.

Supporting roles have been played by Sonalee Kulkarni, Sachit Patil, Sushant Shelar, Suyash Tilak, Pallavi Patil, Siddharth Chandekar and Ramesh Dev.

Plot :

The plot is set in the year 1991. A group of students used to study in TYBA college during that time. In the final year, each of the students in that group had to attend the same class. As a result, they became very close friends with each other.

Each and every student in that group had diverse talents – one of them was the leader of the student’s union in the college, while another was his opponent. There was also the spoiled child of a rich family in that group, as well as the daughter of a minister.

They decided to have a reunion after a few years to cherish these wonderful moments of life, however, one of them died under mysterious circumstances. In order to honour his memory, his friends decided to arrange the reunion sooner.

They soon realized how much their lives have changed. While one of them is pursuing his dream of becoming a minister, others are busy in their own professions, which have no link with one another.
They relive those wonderful moments they spent in college. Besides they also find out how their friend died.

There are several other twists in the movie as well.

Crew Director : Nishikant Kamat

Editor / User Review

This movie is an official remake of the Malayalam hit movie with the same name, hence the storyline is pretty much the same. However, there are quite a few differences. Although the movie actually is a thriller or drama centric film, yet one can expect to find lots of humour and fun and romance packed in this film.

Acting Review :

Quality of acting had been pretty high throughout the film. In this regard, Siddharth Chandelkar deserves special mention because of his superb performance. Similarly, Ankush and Sai Tamhankar had performed relatively well, and have definitely contributed significantly to the film’s success.

The director of the movie, Aditya Ajay Sarpotdar, had a difficult task. Managing so many actors and creating a funny yet romantic script definitely isn’t the easiest thing to achieve. However, he has definitely performed brilliantly and he will definitely play a huge role in how the movie performs in the box office.

The music has been composed by Amit Raj, Troy Arif, Avinash-Vishwajeet and Pankaj Padghan, while the credit for the lyrics goes to Satyajeet Ranade, Guru Thakur and Kshitij Patwardhan. Music in this movie is pretty good and emotional as well, while going to the flashback scenes. Music composers Amit Raj, Troy Arif have done a commendable performance in this respect, which should also boost the movie’s profits in the upcoming days.

It is a smartly packaged movie which shows how much important an excellent script is for the success of the movie. This movie is a mass entertainer and a must watch movie for people who love thriller films, mixed with a bit of fun.

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