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BK Shivani Wiki, Age, Biography, Family, Husband, Lectures

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Name BK Shivani (Also known as Brahma Kumari Shivani)

Also known as Shivani Verma / Sister Shivani Varma

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB Born in 1972. As of 2023, she is around 51 years old.

Boyfriend / Wedding & Marriage / Husband Married. Check the full bio for relationship details. / BK Shivani Husband is Vishal Verma. She works at a business (software company) with her husband and stays with him in Gurgaon.

Biodata Profile / Bio Wikipedia Information

Personal Life :

BK Shivani is a female Rajyoga Meditation Teacher of the Prajapita BrahmaKumaris from Pune.

Biography :

A noted spiritual and raj yoga Meditation Teacher, BK Shivani practices the ancient technique of Rajyoga Meditation, as taught by the Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Mount Abu.

For her education, she has completed her Bachelors in Electronics Engineering (with a gold medal) from Pune University in 1994. She has also served for two years as a lecturer in Bhartiya Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, Pune.

Soon after that, around the age of 23, she started attending the lectures of spiritual organization Brahmakumari workshops.

Media :

Since 2007, BK Shivani has presented practical spiritual understanding through her TV programme ‘Awakening with BrahmaKumaris.’ The program is telecasted on, Aastha & Sanskar channels in India, along with Star Plus in USA, UK, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. The radio and television shows are a huge hit in close to 160 countries.

Topics that she speaks include Stress-Free Lifestyle, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Exploring your Inner Power, Self Realisation, Harmony in Relationships and Rajyoga Meditation Technique.

The workshops, seminars and TV programmes conducted by her have given inspiration to hundreds of professionals, young people and even children. This has helped shape their attitude towards religion, spirituality and way of living.

Her guidance has encouraged people to overcome depression, mental stress, addictions, low self-esteem and other mental issues.

46 thoughts on “BK Shivani Wiki, Age, Biography, Family, Husband, Lectures”

  1. My wife has been going to Bramhakuri last 7 yrs. My family is destroyed. My 81 years old mother never saw my wife…even I also out of it and all my family members

  2. My wife has been going to Bramhakuri last 7 yrs. My family is destroyed. My 81 years old mother never saw my wife…even I am also out of it and all my family members.

  3. Chakka Visweswara Rao

    I always wonder some Organisations claim that they don’t accept any kind of donations. In is always a mystery for me as regards to How they survive ?

  4. Ommsanti, I want to make me fearless angel and to give positive healing to society and give pure love someone you love heartly…Search for positive vibrations and create in mind. Heavenly peace Shivani sivamsivay

  5. Take all that’s good in the lectures. Do not look for faults. Do not intellectualise. You have the choice to follow or not to follow. To agree or not to agree

  6. I wonder why people have to analyze every discussion and find something which they. Can criticise to suite their thinking? What about major portion, on every day human behaviour, which can enrich your life and thinking! Chicano normally discusses common sense problems to simplify human day to day confusions/problems and not nuclear science. Take what suits you. Keep up good work Shivani.

  7. Hi Didi mein bahut pareshan Hu Mera Saath dukha hua hai mere pati me kiya hai wo mujhe mar dena Chahta hai kynuki dusri Shaadi Karni hai meter Papa ne Ghar se bahar Kar Diya karo jakekoi mere Saath Nahi hai

    1. asha manglani jee you better leave your husband I know indian woman are emotional and without divorce copy he cannot leave you first file a police complaint, tell your husband I will leave u.

  8. I don’t know anything about land .dispute…What I know is by watching Shivani dii through YouTube has changed my life…They asked for meditation, positive thoughts what is wrong in that…just do it…take advantage from all these techniques…Why blindly belive any person…just believe their techniquess…n how it going to help us…om shanti


    I am also sometimes with BK, have no comment on Sister Shivani, but wondering how these people cleverly utilising / using the Hindu’s religious feelings / beliefs as a ladder to put so called Baba (like many more monied business person but highly ambitious, after enjoying a lot) in the place of God or above!
    It is really disgusting! It happens in INDIA only!

  10. It is upon us, what to take and what not to, we do blame each other that is our nature, and that is this whole world reality. Has any one given a though, why these floods, why riots, …… has already started…hahah. If someone is guiding us about to be aware and make the good out of it…See how we are all…That is our human nature. if we are going through bad times, we give out curses to other. What we do it comes back to us, that is karma…people face situation may be bad or good, that is all because of their own karma and not others….I lost my mom…Just change your costume…you will see the right side. The side what that supreme power wanted you to see. 🙂

  11. I agree with Kalpana. How about they be tested in the courts, the BK group as well as Shivani. This will happen only when people expose them I’m public. In media.

  12. Hello
    Message for every one who are in favor or not in favor
    That BK people are just trying to tell how you live very positive life without hurting yourself and anybody around you
    This is your way which direction you take their words. your choice take it or leave it but don’t criticize the people for your bad thinking
    There must be some issues in their life with some people which they can’t solve some times people’s words hit them they want to Change the direction and follow their heart
    But no one force you to listen .like if you are sick you take medicine same way someone is under stress depression try to find a place to relieve them from these problem they try different sources what works for them they go for it
    Try to create the atmosphere around you so that every is attracted towards by being polite caring nice giving loving than no one will run outside .don’t blame others for your mistake or your destiny
    What you give you get that is the rule with no expectation
    Believe me your life will be upside down like living in heaven

  13. Hi, I recently started to listen BK Shivani Didi n I am really inspired by her…I am listening all her lectures one by one n it really helps me…But still I have some confusion in my life so how can I contact Shivani Didi as I leave abroad. pls reply me.

  14. Dear Kalpana…
    Every one get the meaning as there thinkings are…But there thinkings can’t change the feeling of baba’s presence and baba’s gyan…It’s price less…And you won’t get this gyan anywhere acept baba himself…

  15. Dear sister Shivani first of all I need to say thank you for your noble and great work towards humanity I know you will continue to empower souls through your helpful thoughts. Feeling very calm and satisfied also safe in this selfish world, today decided 1 thing to replace I with WE then only I could be RICH with what I have.
    Thank you once again for awakening me on right time OM SHANTI

  16. Approach & Methodology opted by BK Sister Shivani is very simple and is easily implemented. Its based on facts and can be felt n experienced. I am regular viewer of her programe ‘Awekening with Brahmakumaris ‘
    I wish and pray she live healthy n smiling life and keep continuing our life better n better.
    Om Shanti.
    Tilak Goswami

  17. Every person. is. responsible. for. His. actions…..The.organization.does.not.teach. anything. Wrong….I’m. in.gyan. for. The. past. 23.years….every. person. as.time. passes. on……giving. away. all. in. families. is.not. advisable

    1. Marriage tradition is adopted for marrying 2 physical bodies. Merging of souls not require such tradition. The minds are also connected like virtual cyberworld. We only need to know how to disconnect with the bad and connect with the good with our own will and determination

  18. I fully agreed with what Kalpana said; her sentence:Your baseless theories, end of the world, entering of pure souls in the Golden age is totally misleading.
    Once I questioned Suresh O in FB, regarding existing of planet Earth-how long? He simply replied me “God bless you”, couldn’t give explanation. BK also teaches re: human existence less then 10000 years. I’m sure BK won’t agree with so called “ICE AGE”!

  19. Dear sister Shivani l want to convey my best wishes & regards to you means entire cosmos I.e.Our great the bramha Kumari family. Your incredible & unmatched delivering thought process shower blessings & love towards Mankind, thus each soul goal get nurished & enlighted, materialistic life is just like two way of traffic, wherever spiritual life is like 1-way towards supreme soul, so It is our will to walk in 1-path but not in 2 way simultaneously. Wishing you, I am a peaceful soul & Thanks.

  20. Hey Kalpana
    Do they really ask for money (in form of daan or something somehow)……?
    I wasn’t aware of such stuff at all ;. In fact, I used to think that Bramha Kumaris are really good people who are trying to help the mankind come out of the fake world and are trying to make people aware of what it is actually to be a good and happy human…unlike the other fake(dhongi) babas or didis who are being exposed now-a-days for exploiting people in various ways.
    Is this really the truth that these people are Dhongis and just want to earn fame and money?
    If it is like this then it is really disappointing as we have many lame and fake people in the country who are exploiting their own nation, corrupting the minds of the once who are misguided…its high time people realize that there is something called as self awareness and love for the livings around (this goes for both the commoners and the dhongis)
    But I just hope that Bramha Kumaris is not a foundation that will eradicate believes rather will lead lives to a good position.
    Hoping for a positive response.

  21. Dear Kalpana,
    Sometimes our views happen to be different from others. Sometimes, we are not able to understand things. Their might have been reasons in your life or your family that you have begun to hate this organisation. But if only for one moment you give these people a chance and try to understand what they say. Even if you don’t want to believe in all of their theories, still the big picture that you’ll see is that they want to “help” and today there are very few who are willing to. So, they are good people and all they say is there is a God as we know him and we are his children. Call him “baba”, call him “buddy” or whatever you want to he is what he is and he is your’s.

    1. I to agree with Kalpana. I am also only of the family who is facing trouble. My husband is a great follower of BK. S thought has changed. He is not concerned about the family. He don’t want to live in our married relationship.
      What to do? I am so worried.

  22. Even I am waiting to see the power of the Almighty, when you people will be exposed of hypnotizing people, so much so that they surrender their hard earned money in the name of baba.
    Your baseless theories, end of the world, entering of pure souls in the Golden age is totally misleading.
    I also have faith in the supreme power, but you create unhappiness and rifts in family.
    Is this what yr. Organization really wants?
    U have destroyed my family and all my curses are with you people.
    Keep enjoying the glamorous world at the cost of many, many families unhappiness.
    Good wishes to you regarding playing with the minds of vulnerable living beings.
    —A totally disappointed family member


    1. Chakka Visweswara Rao

      Dear All,
      If this will transform the human beings from bad souls to good souls, why the souls are allowed to become bad in the first place? I mean, why can’t we introduce these simple techniques into School Curriculum and make the World a better one? Why is it necessary to allow the things go out if way and then start all your noble efforts to mend the things ?

  24. I really love your way to get people be good pure positive human being I used to see when Suresh oberoi uncle was in prom wish you good luck you pray 4 my good health sister shivani

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