Name Ravi Jadhav : रवी जाधव

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A great start :

If a good start is an indicator of talent and ability, then Ravi Jadhav is definitely one of India’s finest film directors. After a career in the advertising industry writing and directing commercials, he ventured into film in 2009. His first Marathi film, Natarang, was a major runaway success.

Apart from winning numerous awards in India, Natarang was a box office success, raking in over Rs. 12 crores it the first three weeks of his run. Ravi’s films have consistently won critical acclaim for their artistic achievements and thematic depth; both in India at film festivals across the globe.

Consistent Success :

Born in Mumbai, Ravi studied Visual Communication and Graphic Design at Sir J. J. School of Art before embarking on a career as a graphic designer, copywriter and creative director of a leading advertising agency.

His experience in advertising, making commercials that effectively communicate their message to viewers; along with his passion for film, translated into a rare ability to be the kind of film director who creates a mega-hit on his first attempt. As if it to prove that his initial success was no stroke of luck, his second film Balgandharva, opened at the New York Indian Film Festival and was later screened at Cannes and Venice film festivals.

An Educator Through Film :

Beyond their cinematic quality, Ravi’s films have been greatly appreciated for the themes he chooses to tackle. His third film Balak-Palak was notable for it’s an approach to the issue of teenagers and sexuality. A humorous look at the journey of four young people on their journey of discovery about the realities of sex, it was warmly received even by conservative sections of society for boldly tackling a sensitive issue in an effort to educate.

His next film, Timepass, was a heart-warming tale of young love. It also broke the record for highest grossing Marathi film when it was released in 2014. Ravi also tackled the issue of youth involvement in the crime when he released Rege in 2014. A huge commercial success, this crime thriller also received critical acclaim for being the first of it’s kind in Marathi cinema.

Versatility Brings Ravi Global Acclaim :

Ravi also released a short film Mitraa in 2014. Mitraa was a bold poetic story about same-sex relationships that received international acclaim & was awarded Best Film at the Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival. It was also well received by audiences and critics in film festivals as far and wide as Germany, Wales, and the Czech Republic.

Ravi has also shown a great range in his cinematic interests by directing several music videos. He directed the video for Tomorrow’s Decide, a single by Indian electro-rock group, Pentagram. Ravi also wrote the lyrics for Saavli and Saazni, two songs both performed by Shekhar Ravjiani; and directed both music videos. A truly versatile master of his craft, Ravi is a living inspiration to filmmakers across the globe.

His height is around 5 feet 4 inches.

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Chitrapat / Films / Movies Acted and Directed
  • Timepass (2009) – (Director)
  • Timepass 2 (2015) – (Director)
  • Natrang (2010) – (Director)