Name Laila Zuberi

Birthday / Date of Birth / Age 18th August 1957. As of 2017, her age is around 60 years

Bio Profile / Wikipedia Information

Introduction : Who is Laila Zuberi ?

  • Pakistani by origin, the beautiful versatile actress Laila Zuberi has been part of numerous Pakistani television drama series.

  • Known for memorable roles played in “Mera Pehla Pyaar (2012)”, “Udaari (2016)” and “Teri Meri Love Story (2016)” Laila who is called as graceful and evergreen actress has showcased her diverse acting skills on screen.
  • Most of her projects and dramas are on air on different Pakistani TV channels.

Personal Details : Early Life & Family

  • Laila born on 18th August 1957 in Karachi.
  • She is married to her cousin and has two daughters and resides in Islamabad with her family.
  • Education : It is claimed that she is a graduate and completed her graduation in B.A. (unconfirmed)

TV & Movies Career : Salary & Net Worth

  • Websites in Pakistan which report on TV series and movies claim that Laila began her career in entertainment as a child actress though there aren’t many details about her debut project, she has said her first play was Omar Marvi.
  • Laila’s association with television in Pakistan goes well over 2 decades. She initially started her career working with the Pakistani radio network and then switched over to television.
  • Her most popular role was of “Khak Jahh” which made her rise to popularity on screen and is still her most memorable role throughout her acting career.

  • Laila has been part of television play Khuda Gawah, which is aired on Pakistani television channel ATV
  • Zindagi, one of her production airs on PTV and it was claimed that she would be a part of it.
  • She was also associated with the Karachi center of PTV.
  • Her other notable works include Muhabbat Ab Nahi Hogi”, “Annie ki Aayegi Baraat”, “Mann Mayal”, “Kankar”, “Laa”, “Durr-e-Shewar”, “Mera Pehla Pyaar”, “Sill” and “Jugnoo.

Trivia & Interesting Facts :

  • Laila has beautiful green eyes and started her proper acting career after marriage when Kazim Pasha offered her the play Aabroo.
  • She faced quite some criticism from her in-laws but her husband supported her.
  • She owns a production house which she started way back in 1999.
  • Even though she was offered numerous opportunities from the Pakistani cinema industry, she has mostly rejected the offers citing lack of professionalism in the industry.
  • With a keen interest in social work, sbe is a social activist and has been chairperson of Red Crescent society.
  • In an interview she gave in March, 2007 Laila was quie optimistic about the future of Pakistani TV industry. She says it is quite strong and healthy and is moving towards betterment. She claims that television and cinema artists have played a pivotal role in the success of television dramas.
  • She likes watching her own play with her family and receives a lot of criticism which she finds helpful as she can improve on her shortcomings.
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