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Pastor Sheryl Brady Wikipedia, Husband, Age【 Bio 】Family, Net worth

Sheryl Brady River Testimony
Name Sheryl Brady

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB April 17, 1960. As of 2022, she is around 62 years old.

Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Engaged / Spouse / Partner Married. See below for relationship details.

Wiki Biography / Profile Information

Introduction :

  • Sheryl Brady is an American pastor and singer. She has been traveling around the world for more than 25 years to preach as well as to sing.
  • Sheryl and her husband, Reverend Joby Brady, are both pastors of The Potter’s House of North Dallas, founded by Pastor TD Jakes.

Personal Life, Parents & Family Background :

  • Sheryl Brady was born on April 17, 1960, in Detroit, Michigan.
  • As a youngster, Sheryl’s life was not at all smooth sailing. She was once arrested for a fight.
  • Sherly also lost her close family members at an early age. Her father suffered a fatal heart attack, her sister died of cancer, and their mother too passed away a few years ago.
  • At the age of 15, Brady dropped out of high school, but fortunately, life was about to take a turn for the good!
  • Sheryl got married at the age of 17 to Bishop Joby Brady, a marriage that has now lasted for over 40 years. The couple has three daughters: Lana, Tina, Nina, and seven grandkids!
  • Lana Brady was born in 1978, while the twins Tina Brady and Nina Brady were born two years later, in 1980.

Ministries Work, Sermons & Net worth :

  • At a time when things seemed very bad for her, Sheryl got to know of Bishop T.D Jakes through a friend and agreed to go for one of his meetings. Little did she know she would one day be a preacher!
  • Sheryl never thought she was qualified to preach, even though she had started sensing the call of God in her life. One of her glaring inadequacies was the fact that she had never been to any formal Bible college.
  • Despite her inexperience, in 1999, after moving from Dallas to Durham, Sheryl became a preacher of the gospel at The River Church. This was new, challenging, and strange. Bishop T.D. Jakes sent for her ten years later when he needed a pastor to oversee the newly established Potter’s House in Texas. They prayed about it, and she felt led by the spirit to accept the offer, thus becoming a pastor there in April 2010.
  • As a pastor, singer, speaker, and lecturer, Sheryl has traveled to many countries.
  • Currently, she is the campus pastor at The Potter’s House in North Dallas, Texas. The campus church focuses on family-centered programs. Sheryl’s distinctive worship style, impactful messages, and remarkable leadership are commended by all who attend her events.
  • She has been a speaker at countless conferences including the highly recognized and attended event – MegaFest. She was the first female to be a speaker at ManPower, an exclusive conference for men hosted by Bishop T. D. Jakes. There were about 10,000 men who attended.
  • Sheryl has spoken at Woman Thou Art Loosed, The Women of Faith conference, and several others. She has authored many Christian papers and audiobooks, including the popular “You Have It in You.”

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Interesting Facts, Height & Trivia :

  • Pastor Sheryl Brady’s gospel song “Waiting On You” from the Woman Thou Art Loosed album was nominated for a Grammy, Dove and Stellar gospel award.
  • Brady has also written a number of articles for the Washington Post, Fox News, Hope for Women and Gospel Today magazine.
  • Pastor Sheryl Brady Illness / Sick : She has no major illness or sickness to date and seems to be in good health.

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  1. Pastor Sheryl is a powerful and spiritual mother! She has impressed and inspired many seeds of encouragement and wisdom in my life. Even through prison and my fight for my life in addiction, even in my relapse, the echo of her preaching blares through the confusion of my mind. Oh its been a long time Mama, but the call for a return is undeniable and ain’t no drug gonna fly me higher than the voice of my Father calling me “HOME”! Though I never met her, I thank her for her consistent continuance in the ministry o God movement! She will always be a spiritual Mom to me! God Bless my Mama, Pastor Brady, and her family, her health, her ministry, and her other spiritual daughters and her enemies! Indeed, a blessing she is!

  2. Pastor Sheryl Brady is a woman of multiple talents and a very virtuous woman. She is also a supportive wife and a caring mother.

  3. Her mother didn’t die in an accident. She passed away quietly at home 2 years ago. 6 months after her sister died of CANCER, not hepatitis. Please correct this.

  4. Pastor Calvin McDaniel, Jr.

    Beautiful…I love how God can take us out of despair and put us in places that we couldn’t imagine. To God is the Glory.

    Pastor Brady…Stay the course

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