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Barry Weiss Net Worth, Wife, Wedding, Cars House, Wiki, Age, Daughter

Barry Weiss Storage Wars
Personal Information Summary
Name Barry Weiss
Mother / Mom Rosalyn Weiss
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB February 11, 1959. As of 2024, he is around 65 years old.
Wedding & Marriage / Wife / Spouse / Partner / Dating Married. Check the full bio for relationship details.
Children / No. of Kids 2
Ethnicity / Origin / Heritage / Race White
Nationality American
Did Barry from Storage Wars pass away? Barry Weiss is alive and thriving since his 2019 motorcycle accident. He made a full recovery from the traumatic accident.
Wikipedia Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

Barry Weiss is an American reality TV personality and antiques collector who was once a part of A&E’s popular show ‘Storage Wars’.

Early Life, Business and Career :

  • Born on February 11, 1959, Barry made his big fortune in the fruit and vegetables import-export business along with his brother, Joe Weiss.
  • The company, Northern Produce, was started by their grandfather, and after twenty-five years in the business, the Weiss brothers subsequently sold it off.
  • They made a generous profit from the sale to retire comfortably well-off.
  • Later, Barry traveled to exotic places after retirement before coming back to the USA.
  • Weiss used his fortune to indulge in his passion for antique collecting. His interest in antiques started when he was 15 years old.
  • Barry is especially fond of vintage cars and has several of them in his collection.

Reality TV Stint, Salary and Net Worth :

  • Barry has appeared in four seasons of ‘Storage Wars’ as a larger than life character. His eccentricities endeared himself to the public, and he gathered a large fan base.
  • In the series, he was known as ‘The Collector’!
  • Throughout the series, Barry was the laid back contestant and was not focused much on the profit he could turn from the items found in the storage units. He instead targeted finding peculiar things that intrigued him.
  • There were many moments of idiosyncrasies during Barry’s time on the show:- He once had a psychic present to predict the contents and value of a storage unit, he used night-vision goggles in another episode & another time used a remote-controlled helicopter and a person on stilts to suss out the contents of a unit.
  • Weiss often appeared on the show with a pair of skeleton gloves, custom West Coast Chopper glasses, and driving outlandish vehicles. He once appeared driving a chicken-themed car.
  • On ‘Storage Wars’, Barry was known for his broad knowledge of antiques as well as his caustic one-liners.
  • His persona was so loved by fans that they were disappointed when he called it quits after four seasons.
  • Barry had said the whole experience was fun, but he wanted to leave when it was still popular.
  • Weiss got a spin-off series Barry’s Treasures in 2014, which was canceled the same year, and Storage Wars: Barry strikes back in 2015.
  • Surprisingly, Barry had many marriage proposals from his fans.
  • He has two adult children – Julie and Jack, and he is a proud grandpa to a grandson named Oliver.

Barry Weiss Cars Collection :

  • Barry is known for his car collection rumored to be worth half a million dollars.
  • One of his prized possessions is a custom-built 1994 Cowboy Cadillac. He had sold his purple Frank DeRosa custom 1951 “King of Mercs” To buy the Cowboy Cadillac.
  • He also owned a Beatnik Custom hotrod by Gary “Chopit.” It took Chopit three years to complete the car.

Health Update :

  • Barry Weiss Illness / Sick : On April 24, 2019, Barry and his friend were riding their bikes near Los Feliz neighborhood in California.
  • Their bikes slammed into a car which was exiting its parking space. It was a horrific accident that put Barry in the hospital with broken bones and some other internal injuries.

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  1. Barry,

    I was and am your number one fan. When I watch an episode of Storage Wars and you are not on there, I am not interested! I think you are SO HOT!

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