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Sanjay Jadhav Wiki, Biography, Wife, Photo, Family, Daughter

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Name Sanjay Jadhav : संजय जाधव

Date of Birth / Birthday / How old / Age 18th July 1970. As of 2024, he is around 54 years old.

Marital Status / Wedding & Marriage / Wife / Family Married. Check the full bio for relationship details.

Wikipedia Biodata / Profile Background

You might have seen the superhit Duniyadari which was released in the year 2013. The film was directed by Sanjay Jadhav. Sanjay is a film director and cinematographer in the Marathi industry. You might have seen him on various TV shows for interviews or promotions as well.

He is a man who likes to keep his profile low, enjoys life to the fullest and has big dreams as far as directing Marathi films are concerned. The film Duniyadari was a big hit with Swapnil Joshi as the lead actor and Sai Tamhankar as the lead actress.

Sanjay’s Career as Producer Director :

In 2015, he produced a Marathi TV series called Dil Dosti Duniyadari. The show got huge success and the vision of Sanjay to make people laugh got much appreciation. The lovers of Zee Marathi always look forward to seeing the different TV shows as the shows share something unique about each episode.

His Film Duniyadari was based on Love and friendship and tried to showcase the reality which generally happens to young boys and girls living in big cities. Sanjay was very much happy at the success party of Duniyadari and seem excited with his future projects.

Sanjay’s Dream Hero Ranbir :

In an interview, Sanjay said that he wants to make a big Hindi Film. He is looking for a good project and banner so that he can move forward with his vision and team. Right banner and big star matter most to him.

When asked him about his dream actor that he would like to take in his films? Sanjay smiled and replied instantly that he would like to work with Ranbir Kapoor.

Sanjay’s views on Duheri :

In 2016, Sanjay produced his new TV show named Duheri. It was based on a girl called Maithili who fears none to save her younger sister. In one interview Sanjay said that directing a film and directing a TV show are both different things. They both have different challenges. TV shows should be given more focus on the quantity, whereas Film should be given more focus on quality. He just loves both the experience and willing to take more challenges in life.

On asking him about his experience on Star Pravah, he said it is good to work with Star Pravah and many of his friends are in the Marathi TV shows so it becomes quite possible to tackle the very situation. He further says life is just awesome.

Chitrapat / Films / Movies Acted and Directed
  • Duniyadari (2013) – (Director)
  • Tu Hi re (2015) – (Director)
  • Pyar Vali Love Story (2014) – (Director)
  • Guru (2016) – (Director)

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