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Chahul Colors Marathi Serial Actress, Cast, Title Song, Wiki

chahul colors actress
Name / नाव Chahul : चाहूल

Also known as Chahool

Actors / Star & Show Cast /कलाकार
  • Akshar Kothari : Role of Sarjerao
  • Leezan (Russian Actress) : Role of Jenny
  • Shaswati Pimplikar : Role of Nirmala
  • Madhav Abhyankar
  • Uma Gokhale
  • Anil Gavas
  • Rajendra Shisatkar
  • Vijay Mishra
  • Shilpa Wakade
  • Vishal Kulathe
  • Radha Kulkarni


Chahul is horror suspense based thriller on Colors Marathi, that debuted in end of 2016.

Modern camera techniques are being tried in the show to produce a great horror suspense effect.

Chahul’s plot focuses on the story of Sarjerao Bhosale (Akshar Kothari), who played a good role in the serial Kamla. He returns to his gaav ‘Bhavanipur’ in Satara after a decade of studying abroad.

When he returns home, he comes back with his fiancee foreign-born Jennifer. For the first time in a Marathi serial, Jenny is played by Russian actress Leezan.

Jennifer for the pursuit of love leaves her country and comes back with Sarjerao. Due to these events, Sarjerao’s family is under pressure on account of their village’s conservative character.

At the same time, Sarjerao is faced with the trauma of his childhood-friend Nirmala sudden disappearance. She is not to be found anywhere. To top it, even Babanya has disappeared into thin air. Also, in Bhavanipur Sarjya and Jenny are haunted by mysterious force who cause them hindrances to getting married.

Will this be a successful or unsuccessful love story? Will Sarjya find Babanya and Nirmala? Will Jenny and he get married?

Channel Colors Marathi

TRP Ratings Hit

Episodes Running Dates December 2016

Genre Suspense


Produced by Euphoria Productions

3 thoughts on “Chahul Colors Marathi Serial Actress, Cast, Title Song, Wiki”

  1. I love this serial. It is one of the best examples of Indian cinematography. Congratulations to the people who made it possible. I especially liked the actress who played the role of Jenny.

  2. Don’t you get hint based on missing of banaya and nirmala, that it’s not an horror rather a thriller with suspense.

  3. The serial “Chahul” is absolutely on blind faith and superstition. Such serials are still spreading wrong messages in society. No doubt though they are getting good response, this is not good social serial. It indirectly promote illiteracy in the society. You can convert this serial in real fact which is challenging for all of you. If it could happen the serial will be superhit.

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