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Ghadge and Suun Cast, Title Song, Track, Wiki, Story, Actress

Ghadge & Sunn Zee Marathi serial
Name / नाव Ghadge and Suun (घाडगे & सून)

Show Time Monday to Saturday 8:30 PM

Actors / Star & Show Cast /कलाकार
  • Chinmay Udgirkar as Akshay Ghadge (चिन्मय उदगीरकर – अक्षय घाडगे)
  • Bhagyashree Limaye – Amruta Prabhune (भाग्यश्री लिमये)
  • Pratiksha Mungekar – Kiara (प्रतिक्षा मुणगेकर – कियारा)
  • Richa Agnihotri – Kiyara Sawant Akshay’s Girlfriend
  • Swati Limaye – Bhaghyashree (स्वाती लिमये)
  • Mahesh Joshi – Devadatta Ghadge (Akshay’s Father) (महेश जोशी)
  • Sukanya Kulkarni – Mai a.k.a Sadhana Ghadge (सुकन्या मोने – साधना घाडगे)
  • Manjusha Godse – Mrudula Ghadge (Akshay’s Mother) (मंजुशा गोडसे)
  • Mayuri Kapadane – Sharmishtha (Akshay’s Sister) (मयुरी कपाडेन)
  • Prafull Samant – Aajoba (प्रफुल सामंत)
  • Uday Salvi – Dinkar Ghadge (उदय साल्वी)
  • Atisha Naik – Vasudha (अतीशा नाईक)
  • Sandip Gaikwad – Anant (संदीप गायकवाड)
  • Uday Sabnis – Manohar Prabhune (उदय सबनीस)

Genre Family (कौटुंबिक)

Storyline / Wiki

Background :

‘Ghadge and Suun,’ a serial on Colors Marathi has portrayed the sasu-suun (mother-in-law and daughter-in-law) relationship in a positive & nice way. The show is now coming up with an exciting storyline. The makers of the show will be giving a strong social message of woman empowerment.

Story :

Mai, who is Amruta’s mother-in-law, attempts to change the conservative mind of the society that a married woman usually needs to wear a Saree and Mangalsutra at all times. She permits Amruta to wear a Punjabi suit & at the same time allows her to go for work. Ghadge & Suun explores Amruta’s relationship with Mai and her efforts to win the hearts of members of the entire Ghadge Family.

In March 2019, the show completed 500 episodes.

Channel Colors Marathi TV (कलर्स मराठी)

TRP Ratings Superhit (सूपरहिट)

Title Song / Title Track Click here to listen / क्लिक करून ऐका

Episodes Running Dates First Episode : 14 August 2017


Story & Director : Chandrakant Lata Gaikwad (चंद्रकांत लता गायकवाड)
Producer : Jitendra Gupta & Mahesh Tagade (जितेंद्र गुप्ता आणि महेश टैगेड)
Production House : Tell A Tale Media

7 thoughts on “Ghadge and Suun Cast, Title Song, Track, Wiki, Story, Actress”

  1. SERIOUSLY RUBBISH SERIAL…I actually hate that amruta. you all r right…Why she is staying in that house I really don’t understand??? no girl is tolerating this bullshit. They want to show that you have to follow every rule of your in-laws then only you a going to accepted in the family. Sometimes I really understand the kaku mentality. She is also right in some cases.

  2. Ghadge and sun…track shown is not correct. any dna report needs dna comparison. You are challenging medical field.mai character stands for strong character but here an experienced woman like mai dosent understand fake pregnancy. please reform Akshay character. He needs to prove Amruta is innnocent. kiara character…actress has done well but you are promoting wrong things for trp. pls do not show such things since it is a family drama watched by young children too. pls stop showing all such wrong things.

  3. all will make a drama of kiyara lying of pregancy. Will no one see why she did this? see her insecurity? akki is actually torturi g her! God! kiyara must win and whatever happens akki and Amrita must NOT get eachother. NO.

  4. hello! is no one going to take up for kiyara? akki and Amrita are shame less. So too that mai! how dare they treat kaira like this? the poor child can’t take it. Why is akki making such drama of pregnancy? she was so insecure with the vahiyad Amrita around.get thatwoman out and punish akki. plz plz don’t b mean to woman can take what she is facing. Amrita should b whipped for being so bitchy and amki? no punish.ent enough for him.

  5. Complaint for Ghadge and Suun- Please stop showing that Amruta’s and Akshay’s vulgar seen, that Akkk’s vulgar taunt. We were looking at this serial as Khandani and respectful family drama but whatever you are showing that is not acceptable. That Amruta and Akshay wants romance but again they do drama like they have care for Kiyara. What rubbish!!! that Maai gave suggestion to Amruta and Akshay to live like husband wife in front of Akka. We support to Kiyara. Which girl tolerate this kind of foolish drama.
    One point must have been shown in this serial that kIyara grown up without her mother so Ghadage’s and Akshay had to give her that love and they tried to understand her problem and had to correct her accordingly but instead of that everytime they appreciate Amruta koi karan ho ya na ho. She is not god. She also doing these all for her selfishness. She wants everytime Akshay’s company that’s the reason she is not leaving Ghadage Pariwar and that Foolish Maai support her everytime even if she wrong. Did Akshay or Maai accept/tolerate if Kiyara did like this? Please show something like it that people will accept.

  6. The track presently going on is rubbish. Amruta is just shown to be crying and that Akshay is being just orally helping her. He needs to show action where Amruta is pure. Amruta should stop crying and prove her innicence and leave the house. The wicked plan of kiara sjould be immediately stopped. The serial is showi g all wrong things. it was meant to be khandani. I am surprised mai couldn’t understand fake pregnancy. Wheras that lady understood in one day. pls stop all the nonsense.

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