Name / नाव Molkarin Bai (मोलकरीण बाई / Molkareen Bai)

Show Time Monday to Saturday at 6:30 PM

Actors / Star and Show Cast /कलाकार
  • Supriya Pathare – Ambika (सुप्रिया पठारे – अंबिका)
  • Usha Nadkarni – Durga Tai (उषा नाडकर्णी – दुर्गा ताई)
  • Sarika Nilatkar Nawathe – Anita (सारिका निलटकर नवाथे – अनिता)
  • Ashwini Kasar – Gunjan (अश्विनी कासार – गुंजन)
  • Bhargavi Chirmule – Mukta (भार्गवी चिरमुले – मुक्ता)
  • Sanika Gadgil – Nisha (सानिका गाडगीळ – निशा)
  • Tanvi Nitin – Piyu (Priyanka) (तन्वी नितीन – पियू (प्रियंका)
  • Pratiksha Jadhav – Ranjana (प्रतीक्षा जाधव – रंजना)
  • Atul Aaglaave – Ritik Shinde (अतुल आगलावे – रितिक शिंदे)
  • Shreyas Raje – Sagar (श्रेयस राजे – सागर)
  • Amey Borkar – Satya (अमेय बोरकर)
  • Sandesh Jadhav – Anil Shinde (संदेश जाधव – अनिल शिंदे)
  • Vikram Gaikwad (विक्रम गायकवाड)
  • Rushi Rajkiran (रुशी राजकिरण)
  • Bhushan Telang (भूषण तेलंग)
Genre Family Drama (कौटुंबिक नाटक)

Story माहिती / Wikipedia Information

‘Molkarin Bai’ is a serial based on the life of ‘kaamwali bais’ (housemaids). The serial is an uplifting story of 4 maids (molkarin) from Shantinagar and their relationship with the owners of the house, they work in. Every member of this housing society includes a completely different story. The families have their own sorrows, their celebrations & their dreams, which even the audience can relate to.

The difficult situations face by maids and even by society members when maids don’t come for work, both are highlighted in the show. These are minor day-to-day things, which the regular audience can easily relate to their real life.

The 4 Molkarins are played by prominent actresses of the industry. Durga Tai (played by actor Usha Nadkarni), Anita (played by actor Sarika Nilatkar Nawathe), Ambika (played by actor Supriya Pathare) and Gunjan (played by actor Ashwini Kasar). The star cast of ‘Molkarin Bai’ is long & has some big names from the industry. Actress Gayatri Soham was a part of this show, but she exited the show from midway due to the other projects line up.

The music of the serial is given by renowned musician Ashok Patki and title song is sung by Urmila Dhangar. In July 2019, the serial completed a successful run of 100 episodes. This serial didn’t replace any other old shows on the channel and was given a new time slot at 6:30 PM.

Channel Star Pravah (स्टार प्रवाह)

TRP Ratings Superhit (सूपरहिट)

Title Song / Title Track Click here to listen / क्लिक करून ऐका

Episodes Running Since First Episode : – 18th March 2019


Story & Director : Avdhoot Kadam (अवधूत कदम)
Producer : Tejendra Neswankar (तेजेंद्र नेसवणकर)
Production House : Trump card Studio