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Saajana Cast, Wiki, Actor, Actress, Timing, Title Track, Story : साजणा

Saajna Marathi Serial
Name / नाव Saajana (साजणा)

Show Time Monday to Saturday at 7 PM

Actors / Star & Show Cast / कलाकार
  • Pooja Birari – Rama (पूजा बिरारी)
  • Abhijeet Shwetchandra – Pratap (अभिजीत श्वेतचंद्र)
  • Pradnya Jawle-Edke – Baisaheb (प्रज्ञा जवळे-झेडके)
  • Abhijeet Chavan – Raosaheb (अभिजीत चव्हाण)
  • Tejas Dongre – Samar (तेजस डोंगरे)
  • Sayee Morankar – Kavita (सई मोरणकर)
  • Saaniya Chaudhari – Teju (सानिया चौधरी)
  • Suhas Paranjapye – Mami (सुहास परांजपे)
  • Pradeep Doiphode – Mama (प्रदीप डोईफोडे)
  • Shubhangi Sadavarte – Simran (शुभांगी सदावर्ते)
  • Suyog Gorhe – Ankush (सुयोग गोर्हे)
  • Ajinkya Nanaware – Rajkumar (अजिंक्य ननावरे)

Genre Romantic Drama (प्रेम कथा नाटक)

Storyline / Wiki

‘Saajana’ is a fresh love story of two people in love struggling their way to be together. It features two main characters as ‘Rama’ and ‘Pratap’ played by ‘Pooja Birari’ and ‘Abhijeet Shwetchandra’. Apart from twists, the couple has got to undergo several tough things and drama.

Pratap is a politician’s son and despite that, he’s not fascinated by politics. However, he doesn’t have an attitude while interacting with the locals of the village. He is discipline and kind to everyone. On another hand, Rama and her sister (Kavita – Chingi) are staying with her Mama and Mami along with their cousins. Her parents commit suicide due to their facing lots of financial crises. Later on, she starts working as housekeeping in Baisaheb home, mother of Pratap.

After watching this serial, we tend to couldn’t help but consider the superhit show Sairat. Not solely is there a putting similarity between the two posters, we tend to might help, however, see a likeness in different things. Archie and Prashya’s love story bloomed in the rural scenario. It also showed the caste and financial differences between them. One of the reasons it got superhit was due to the both Akash Thosar and Rinku Rajguru were new actors in the film brought the rawness and simplicity. In the movie, Archie’s brother is playing the villain.

Pratap and Rama’s love story flourished in a rural setting. We can see the caste and financial differences between the leads of Saujana. In Saajana, Abhijeet and Pooja, too, are freshly minted artists who are making us fall smitten with them in time. Similarly, we have Rama’s cousin who Rajkumar is a troublemaker in the village.

These points definitely strike the resemblance between ‘Saajna’ and ‘Sairat.’ Thus, Saajana too has gathered a big fan following which is rooting for Rama and Pratap to stay together. Recently, it completed 100 episodes. The music of this show is given by Avinash-Vishwajeet and the title track was sung by Swapnil Bandodkar and Maithili Panse-Joshi.

Channel Zee Yuva (झी युवा)

TRP Ratings Superhit (सूपरहिट)

Title Song / Title Track Click here to listen / क्लिक करून ऐका

Episodes Running Since First Episode : – 15th April 2019


Story & Director : Raghunandan Barve (रघुनंदन बर्वे)
Producer : Shashank Ganesh Solanki (शशांक गणेश सोलंकी)
Production House : Seven Sense Media

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