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Saare Tuzhyach Sathi Cast, Title Song, Wiki, Story

saare tujyasathi Zee Marathi serial
Name / नाव Saare Tuzhyach Sathi (सारे तुझ्याचसाठी)

Show Time Monday to Saturday 08:00 PM

Actors / Star & Show Cast / कलाकार
  • Harshad Atkari – Kartik (हर्षद अतकरी – कार्तिक)
  • Gautami Deshpande – Shruti (गौतमी देशपांडे – श्रुती)
  • Vishakha Subhedar (विशाखा सुभेदार)
  • Sarita Mehendale (सरिता मेहेंदळे)
  • Rakesh Date (राकेश दाते)
  • Bhagyashree Dalvi (भाग्याश्री दलवी)
  • Sonam Pawar – (सोनम पवार)
  • Madhura M Joshi (मधुरा जोशी)
  • Gurudatta N Divekar (गुरुदात्त दिवेकर)

Genre Drama (नाटक)

Storyline / Wiki

‘Saare Tuzhyach Sathi’ is another romantic story of an odd couple. A love story of a girl and a boy who came from a completely different background. A girl who is a boxer and a boy who is a classical singer. The story revolves around their lives which get tangled together in an arranged marriage.

Both are passionate about their professions and do not have marriage on their mind. However, on the insistence of their families, they decide to explore the idea of marriage and then meet each other in an arranged marriage set-up. The story explores the nuances of both, courtship and arranges marriage.

The show features Harshad Atkari (Kartik) and Gautami Deshpande (Shruti) in lead role. Harshad has been featured in some of the Marathi TV shows like Durva and Anjali. Gautami, on the other hand, is the real-life sister of the very famous Marathi actress Mrunmayee Deshpande. The Show launched from 19th August.

Channel Sony Marathi (सोनी मराठी)

TRP Ratings Superhit (सूपरहिट)

Title Song / Title Track Click here to listen / क्लिक करून ऐका

Episodes Running Since First Episode : 19th August 2018


Story & Director : Manish Khandelwal (मनीष खंडेलवाल)
Producer : Shashank Ganesh Solanki (शशांक गणेश सोलंकी)
Production House : Seventh Sense Media Pvt Ltd.

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