Name / नाव Swamini | स्वामिनी

Show Time Monday to Saturday at 8:30 PM

Actors / Star & Show Cast / कलाकार
  • Srushti Pagare – Rama (सृष्टी पगारे)
  • Aishwarya Narkar – Gopika Bai (ऐश्वर्या नारकर)
  • Chinmay Patwardhan – Madhavrao Peshwa (चिन्मय पटवर्धन)
  • Rigvedi Pradhan – Gopika Bai (ऋग्वेदी प्रधान)
  • Surabhi Bhave – Bhamini (सुरभी भावे)
  • Sanyogita Bhave (संयोगिता भावे)
  • Sujeet Deshpande – Vishwasrao Peshwa (सुजित देशपांडे)
  • Sanika Banaraswale – Jankibai (सानिका बनारसवाले)
  • Sushil Bhosale – Muralidhar (सुशील भोसले)
  • Amol Bawdekar (अमोल बावडेकर)
  • Shripad Panse (श्रीपाद पानसे)
  • Anushree Phadnis (अनुश्री फडणीस)
  • Gururaj Avadhani (गुरुराज अवधनी)

Genre Mythological Drama (पौराणिक नाटक)

Storyline / Wiki

Swamini is a historical drama set in the 16th century. A tale that reveals the dynamics of women in the Peshwa household. It focuses on the story of Rama, who conquers the difficulties she faces after getting married as a child in the Peshwa house. We see her experience from a young village girl to a sensible & brave Peshwinbai amidst politics and jealousies from “Gopikabai” – her mother in law.

Primarily based on Ramabai and Madhavrao Peshwe’s life, the show showcases the late sixteenth-century lifestyle. We will also see the relation between Ramabai and Gopikabai (mother-in-law of Ramabai).

Ramabai’s story is a forgotten chapter of love, whose devotion knew no bounds. We get to see little ‘Rama’ blossoming into the important Peshwin ‘Ramabai’ of the Maratha Empire, winning hearts of her people, her family and love & trust of her husband.

The child artist playing Ramabai is the contestant Srushti Pagare from ‘Sur Nava Dhyas Nava Chote Surveer’. The music of this show is given by Nilesh Moharir and the title track was sung by Priyanka Barve.

Channel Colors Marathi (कलर्स मराठी)

TRP Ratings Superhit (सूपरहिट)

Title Song / Title Track Click here to listen / क्लिक करून ऐका

Episodes Running Since First Episode : – 9th September 2019


Story & Director : Kalpesh Ramchandra Kumbhar, Viren (कल्पेश रामचंद्र कुंभार, विरेन)
Producer : Viren, Arav Jindal (विरेन, आरव जिंदाल)
Production House : Picolo Films, Uphoria Production