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Jeev Zala Yedapisa Cast, Wiki, Story, Actress : जीव झाला येडापिसा

Jeev Zala Yeda Pisa Marathi Serial
Name / नाव Jeev Zala Yedapisa (जीव झाला येडापिसा )

Show Time Monday To Saturday at 8 PM

Actors / Star & Show Cast / कलाकार
  • Ashok Phaldesai – Shiva (अशोक फळदेसाई)
  • Vidula Choughule – Sidhi (विदुला चौघुले)
  • Mohan Joshi – Yashwantrao (मोहन जोशी)
  • Chinmayee Sumit – Atyabai (चिन्मयी सुमित)
  • Vidya Sawale – Mangala (विद्या सावळे)
  • Sharvari Jog – Sonal (शरवरी जोग)
  • Anup Belwalkar – Sagar/Sidhi’s Brother (अनुप बेलवलकर)
  • Rohit Kokate – Narpat Chikne (रोहित कोकाटे)
  • Vikas Patil – Jalwa (विकास पाटील)
Genre Family (कौटुंबिक)

Storyline / Wiki

‘Jeev Zala Yedapisa’ portrays love-hate relation between Shiva and Siddhi in the Rudrayat village, Sangli District. Initially, they each other because of some situation. But they are destined to get married under the family pressure. Shiva is disturbed by Aatyabai’s order to get married to Siddhi.

Shiva is typical a Rowdy type and angry young man. He prefers to earn money through shortcuts as he is not educated. However, Siddhi os well educated and simple girl. Siddhi talking nonsense about Shiva and Aatyabai goes viral through video. She talks in front of her closest friend. But he shares video within the village.

Because of this video, Shiva’s Atyabai (Chinmayee Sumit) had to face a lot of wraths from villagers. Even the political party was going to remove her from the post. Thus Narpat Chikne (Rohit Kokate) benefits from this Sidhi fake defamation case, as he receives political part calling him for Aatyabai’s Post.

This story is written by popular actor Chinmay Mandlekar. The storyline showcases the love-hate relationship between Simple and Girl and Goon Boy. This TV show replaced Radha Prem Rangi Rangali from 1st April 2019.

Channel Colors Marathi (कलर्स मराठी)

TRP Ratings Superhit (सूपरहिट)

Title Song / Title Track Click here to listen / क्लिक करून ऐका

Episodes Running Dates First Episode : – 1st April 2019


Story & Director : Vinod Lavekar (विनोद लवेकर)
Producers : Vinod Lavhekar, Nikhil Sheth (विनोद लवेकर / निखिल शेठ)
Production House : Potadi Productions

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