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Yasmeen Premji Biography, Age, Book, Wiki : Sons Rishad, Tariq Premji

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Name Yasmeen Premji

Birthday / How old / Age / Date of Birth / DOB As of 2024, she is around 77 years old. A 2012 article in the India Today magazine had mentioned her age as 65 back then.

Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Dating / Spouse Married. Check the full bio for relationship details.

Wikipedia Bio / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • Yasmeen Premji is an author, philanthropist, and entrepreneur from India, best known as the wife of Indian billionaire Azim Premji.
  • Graceful and elegant, she epitomizes hard work and has inspired many young women in India to follow their dreams & break down the barriers that are holding them back.

Personal Life, Parents and Family Details :

  • Yasmeen was born to parents Shah and Mumli Chinoy and grew up in Mumbai.
  • She was one of the three children in the family. Despite being the only daughter, Yasmeen mentions that she was not treated any differently and grew up in a grounded household.
  • Both her brothers were older than her & live in Mumbai too. One is an Accountant and the other is an Engineer.
  • Yasmeen’s father and his family were the owners of one of Asia’s biggest garage companies. Consequently, she was afforded many privileges that other people could only dream of.
  • Yasmeen also talked in an interview about how close she was with her mother & how their relationship was more of a friendship than anything else.
  • Her maternal grandmother’s name was Shireen Chinoy.

Married Life and Children :

  • Yasmeen is married to wealthy businessman & the Chairman of Wipro Industries, Azim Premji.
  • Together they have two sons, Tariq Premji and Rishad Premji, and two grandchildren – Rhea Premji and Rohaan Premji.
  • Rishad (now in his forties), their eldest son, is Harvard educated & Chief Strategy Officer of Wipro Industries. He was also a part of the 40-Under-40 Young Leaders list. Rishad is married to his wife, Aditi Premji, since 2005.
  • When Azmi and Yasmeen tied the knot, they only invited around 100 people and chose to donate their wedding gifts to charity.
  • The couple’s humble attitude was also passed down to their son Rishad who chose to have a simple wedding where guests ate on inexpensive paper plates.

Education : Qualifications, High School & College Info

  • Yasmeen attended St Xavier’s College, Bombay University, and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She also studied interior design.
  • She was awarded a scholarship at the acclaimed all women’s university, Smith College in Massachusetts, USA. She graduated from the institution with a Master’s Degree in Psychology.
  • While in school, she was a sports enthusiast & played hockey, chess, athletics, basketball, and table tennis.

Books, Salary and Net Worth :

  • Yasmeen is widely recognized as a successful author whose book, Days of Gold and Sepia has received critical and international acclaim.
  • She has always been passionate about writing and credits her mother for inspiring her to follow her dreams of being an author. She spent two decades researching and working on her book.
  • She spent 15 years working at a design and architecture magazine called Inside Outside in India, where she developed her passion for architecture. She actually designed the AP Foundation and a house in Mumbai after leaving the magazine.
  • As of 2024, as a director at the Azim Premji Foundation charity and holding Wipro shares, Yasmeen holds a net worth of Rs 1,14,400 crores!

Interesting Facts, Height and Trivia :

  • Yasmeen is a big fan of the Shahrukh Khan starrer hit Bollywood movie, “Chak de India.”
  • When she was young, Yasmeen decided to backpack alone for 15 months across Europe.
  • Yasmeen loves and practices Yoga regularly & often combines it with a few other exercises to stay fit and healthy.
  • She has been very open about her desire to have a little girl, but states that she had already agreed with her husband that they would not have more than two children!

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  1. If I visit India again, I would like to go to Bangalore and Visit Yasmeen Premji and give a Lecture on: “How to Live till 100 and Enjoy a Creative Life”.

    Finally, I published my Lifetime of Research on Heart Attack and Stroke on “Imaging Human Heart Muscle Damage at Harvard Medical School, Boston, and “Measuring and Imaging the Arterial Platelet Thrombus with Radioactive platelets that resulted in the development of anti-platelet Drugs and Cardiovascular Devices” at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN and University of Miami Medical School, Miami, FL.

  2. Respected Madam,

    I am well experienced in the education field for more than 24 years. I have got a lot of interest to work under the Azim Premji foundation with a service-oriented mind. I had attended online tests given by the authority for the post of teacher educator and I was intimated for an interview but a phone call round was not taken as I had been informed in Microsoft appraisal. I am extremely sorry for why I was rejected every moment. I am not able to serve my family please do consider my request

    Yours sincerely,
    Zakeer Hussain

  3. Mrinal Dewanjee, Phd

    Glad to meet Ms. Yasmeen Chino in 1969 for a few months at Smith College while I was at Amherst College. She was Charming, Pretty and Quiet and fun to have her around! I lost contact for almost 50 years. During Google profile update in COVID-19 time, I was surprised to see Yasmeen Premji name in my neglected profile.

    I was pleasantly surprised that I dated the would-be third Richest lady of India!

    Glad I respected her Islamic heritage, although she was not religious!

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