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Introduction :

From being discovered at the world renowned Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal to being featured as the “British Men of Letters”, Arthur Ketch on 12th Season of popular show Supernatural, David Haydn Jones has come a really long and colourful way.

He gained popularity through this portrayal of a sociopathic character from the Supernatural series.

Early Life, Education & Family :

  • Education : David has a degree in architecture and while he was pursuing his degree from the reputed McGill University he started taking an interest in electives like arts which included literature and theatre.
  • Family : David Hydn-Jones was born in the humble backgrounds of Kyle, Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • He was born to parents – A Welsh father and an American mother and he describes the household in which he grew up as part-British, part-American and part-Canadian
  • As a young man, he performed at music festivals and community theatre a lot.

Early Career & Start :

  • Even though he had trained to be an architect, with a BS degree in architecture, recession proved a spanner in the wheels for David. Who then started a comedy partnership called Joke Boy with his friend and started performing across Toronto.
  • David got his first paying entertainment job at the age of 15 as a singer and dancer when his family shifted to the town of Calgary. He used his diverse background to full advantage for his performances.
  • He regularly performed stand-up comedy sketches while simultaneously acting in plays from Shakespeare, Moliere and Gilbert and Sullivan.

Start of TV Career :

  • Soon, he started scoring television gigs with ‘Melrose Place‘ and ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘ David decided to shift to Los Angeles to be close to the place of work.
  • After relocating to LA he bagged quite a few projects including NCIS, King of Queens, Charmed to name a few. He continued to polish his acting skills by being associated with Theatre Tribe, an acclaimed Theatre Company.
  • David’s career graph has been on the upswing ever since and he has landed numerous roles in both super-hit as well as critically acclaimed CBC show Rumours.
  • He had supporting roles in The Last Kiss and good roles in Fatal Trust opposite Amy Jo Johnson and Secrets of the Summer House opposite Lindsay Price gave his career a leg up.
  • He played other prominent roles in Taken from Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior on CBS. He starred in Dear Santa opposite Amy Acker and shot a pilot episode for Layla and Jen, a CBC comedy series.
  • Soon David landed a supporting role in one of the biggest movies of his career White House Down which starred Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum.

Interesting Facts :

  • David did his first community theatre play at the age of six and his role was Wally from Our Town.
  • Hewas selected to play the mysterious character of Mr. Ketch after auditioning for the role thrice. It also is his dream role.
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