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Akash Thosar Biography, Wiki, Height, Sairat, Age, Hometown

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Name Akash Thosar : आकाश ठोसर

Also Known as Actor Parsha from Nagraj Manjule’s movie Sairat

Birthday / Date of Birth / Age / How old / DOB 24th February 1993. As of 2021, he is around 28 years old.

Biodata Profile / Wikipedia Information / माहिती

Personal Life :

Akash Thosar is a young Marathi actor, most popular for his lead role of Parshya in Marathi cinema’s biggest blockbuster of 2016 – Sairat. His height is around 5 feet 7 inches.

Family Life :

Akash was born at Karmala, in the Solapur district of Maharashtra.

His family includes his parents – his father did Masonry work (Gavandi Kaam) and his mother is a housewife. His other siblings include one brother and two sisters. Both his sisters are married.

Education :

His education was completed at the SSVM Aundh in Pune, followed by studies at the Pune University. At the college level, he has taken part in a few plays and nataks.

Professional Life :

Nagraj Manjule called him for an audition after Akash had met Manjule’s brother on a bus stop. He gave the audition in Pune expecting a short, side role but was surprised to find him in the lead role of Parsha opposite new actress Rinku Rajguru who played the role of Archie. During the course of the shooting, he stayed at Nagaraj’s home only.

A bodybuilder, he was into wrestling before he entered the world of acting. He lost over 13 kg for his role in Sairat.

Life after Sairat :

Prior to Sairat, he had never even visited Mumbai.

After Sairat, life changed completely – He became an instant star and gave 100s of interviews on TV and YouTube, appeared on popular shows like Chala Hawa Yeu Dya, The Kapil Sharma Show and other programmes.

He also started working on a new film directed by Mahesh Manjrekar as well, with young actress Madhuri Desai. He was seen shooting in Italy for this movie.

With such a fantastic debut behind him, we wish him all the best for his next roles and his career ahead.

Career Span 2016 – Present

akash thosar hero akash thosar in sairat

Chitrapat / Films / Movies Acted
  • Sairat (2016) – Role of Parshya
  • FU – Mahesh Manjrekar film
TV Serials & Shows Acted
  • The Kapil Sharma Show – Guest

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  2. yaar kay bolu samjat nahi aahe…jevha pasun mi movie bghitla yaar maza dok kam nahi krt aahe…fkt n fskt tuzach yaad lagla aahe…love you yaar kay bolu aajun ek chance bhetla na Mala aai sapth Sairat houn jani mi…I like you sooo much….

  3. Pushpalata Kamble

    I love you Aakash. I want to marry with you. U will marry with me, ? I am from Karnataka dis Kalburgi Tq Aland. I love you smile and acting. Yeda lagali

  4. Parmeshwar Tidke

    ऐ सल्या…तुझ्यासारखं गुटखा खाऊन मेल्यापेक्षा…आर्चीवर प्रेम करून मेलेलं बर…

    आर्ची मला तू लय आवडते… मला पण तू आवडतो… मराठीत सांगितलेलं कळत न्हाय…इंग्रजीत सांगू I LOVE YOU

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    &Akash also very nice
    thanks all Sairat team to give us fantastic movie

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    पिक्चर खुप छान आहे. पण मामला 22 वर्षा पर्यन्त एकही चित्रपट नाही झाला की जेवण आणि झोप उडाली

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  9. Pramodini Bhosale

    खूप खूप छान, कौतुक करावं तेवढं कमी, अगदी कुणालाही आवडावा असा आहेस…!

  10. Firstly Nagraj Sir, hats off to u……. owsm movie… Akash, you are looking so cute n dashing…. You are dance yar……lay bhari……all the best fr your bright future…. Love u……

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