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Sakhi Gokhale Biography, Wiki, Photos, Images, Husband

sakhi gokhale Marathi actress photo
Name Sakhi Gokhale | सखी गोखले

Also known as Sakhi Mohan Gokhale As Reshma in Dil Dosti Duniyadari

Biodata Profile / Wikipedia Information

Sakhi Gokhale is a Marathi actress who became popular for her role of Reshma in 2015 TV show Dil Dosti Duniyadari.

She has completed her education in Fashion and Fine Arts from Pune University. Her mother gifted her a camera after her 10th Standard, and that is how her love for photography started. Before joining the world of acting, she had done still photography for a number of Nataks.

Her height is around 5 feet 3 inches. She played a small role of Venu in the Hindi Movie Rangrezz.

Her role in Dil Dosti is that of the simpleton Reshma Patil. She takes care of the kitchen and home chores. She is married to Rakesh, who does not stay with her, because he has another affair. Reshma is the last person to move into Sujay’s house. Aashu regards Reshma as his sister (Tai).

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB 29th July 1993. As of 2022, she is around 29 years old.

Marital Status / Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Partner Currently unmarried. Her family includes here, parents – renowned actors Shubhangi Gokhale and Mohan Gokhale. She lost her father at a very young age, and was raised by her mother.

TV Serials & Shows Acted Chitrapat / Films / Movies Acted
  • Rangrezz – Hindi
Most Memorable Role As the homely and adorable Reshama in Zee Marathi serial Dil Dosti Duniyadari

81 thoughts on “Sakhi Gokhale Biography, Wiki, Photos, Images, Husband”

  1. Sakhi is just awesome!love her. recently saw her play amar photo studio and clicked a selfie with her!

  2. Mazi ti same tuzya sarki diste manun me tize name pan सखी thevlay…
    I love you Sakhi…I really miss u…

  3. सुनो……लौट आओ ना 1 बार फिर…जिस तरह MOVIE. आती है पुराने नाम के पीछे…Return’s लगाकर
    I miss you

  4. Mala DDD he serial khup avadte ani tyatat maze saglech fevrit ahet tumala ami sarva khup miss karu ata fakt wet ahe te sison 2 che…

    Really miss you Sakhi…

  5. Chandrashekhar Pandagale

    तुम्ही सहा जण खुप भारी काम करतात. तुमच्या एका शिवाय हि सिरियल चालुच शकली नसती. सखी तर काय जादूची छडीच आहे. फिरवली की PROBLEM SOLVED. तुम्हाला तुमच्या पुढच्या आयुष्यासाठी शुभेच्छा. धन्यवाद. मजा आणलीत.

  6. आज मोहन गोखले असते तर त्यांना सखीचा खूप अभिमान वाटला असता. मी देवाकडे प्रार्थना करतोकी त्यांची भेट सखीच्या मुलाच्या रुपात व्हावी.
    भावी वाटचालीस शुभेच्छा !

  7. I am a big fan of SAKHI as RRSHMA IN dil distinguished duniyadari I love her smile so much. And I also like her.

  8. I really like Sakhi gokhale. I am a big fan of character in D3(Dil Dosti Duniyadari). I like your toning in D3.Also like the character of Kaivalya. Wish you best luck for all of you in D3.

  9. साक्षी , आपल्या भावी वाटचालीस भरघोस शुभेच्छा…

  10. Sakhi ga kiti kiti cute ahes ga tu!! Mala tu khup khup khup khup awadtes!! Evdha cute koni asu shakta ka rao?!! Love you like crazy!! Jaam veda jhaaloy ga tujhya premat!!

    jorat padloy tyachyat!!

    Ddd sarkhi serial z Marathi varti ajun paryanta ali nahiye ani yenar pan nai!! Sanjay Sir, ekk number kaam kartay!!

    Pan Reshma… Love you ga!!

  11. What can I say about this serial…everything is already mentioned by the above guys but really its an awesome serial my whole family watch this every day we all wait for 10:30 pm every day…all characters feel real in the serial and what a story and what a subject hats off to directors it remembers me my life with my frndssss….carry on guys we want you at every night…love u…

  12. Mala d3 serial khup aavadate. Tas me serials baghat Nahi kuthalyach pan hi serial pahayala me ghai karun lamavarun lavkarat lavkar Ghari yeto. The best serial ever in my life. Ashi serial jyat chuk shodhun pan sapadnar NaHi Aani Khar Mhanje real life var aadharit aahe.

    Hyatale Sagle actors bhari aahet Aani saglyanchi speciality aahe. Kaivalyacha attitude Aani punch timing Sujaycha ek minute Anacha balishpana Minalchi ragpatti Aashu shivay tar karyakramala majach NaHi Aani specially Reshma tichyabaddal bolel tevadh kamich ashi mulgi life partner mhanun havi havi.

    I just fall in love with her Aani Google info pramane Aaj Ticha birthday aahe so HAPPY BIRTHDAY RESHMA love You so much

  13. तू निरागस चंद्रमा, तू सखी मधुशर्वरी

    काजळाचे बोट घे तू लावुनी गालावरी
    पाहतो जेव्हा तुला मी गझल उमटे अंतरी

    सागराशी भेटण्या आतूर झाला हा रवी
    हासता तू सूर ही झंकारले वार्‍यावरी

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