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Suruchi Adarkar Age, Serials, Biography, Wiki, Marriage, Height, Family

suruchi adarkar Marathi actress
Name Suruchi Adarkar | सुरुची आडारकर

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB 25th April 1988. As of 2024, she is around 36 years old.

Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Boyfriend / Spouse Currently not married, possibly single. Check the full bio for relationship details.

Wikipedia Biodata / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • Suruchi Adarkar is a Marathi actress working in television industry from Thane.

Personal Life : Parents, Family and Education

  • Suruchi’s father name is Nagesh Adarkar.
  • She completed her schooling from Saraswati Vidyalaya High School, Thane.
  • She is an avid sports lover and was a district-level volleyball player before entering the world of acting.
  • She did her from M.A. in English Literature from Kelkar College in Mulund.
  • She also has a younger brother named Siddhesh, who has completed his engineering degree in IT from Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology.

Work, Career, Salary and Net Worth :

  • Suruchi’s work in acting began in 2007, with the commercial play ‘Avagha Rang Ekchi Zhala’ produced by Prabhakar Panshikar, and then she later proceeded to television.
  • She played the role of ‘Vidyaa’ in her debut serial Pehchaan aired on Doordarshan.
  • Her most memorable role is As Aditi Dabholkar in the Zee Marathi serial Ka Re Durava, where she is paired up with Suyash Tilak (Jay Khanolkar).
  • She also acted in a small role in a Hindi film Tathastuwherein Sanjay Dutt was the hero.

Interesting Facts, Height and Trivia :

  • Her nickname is Namrata.
  • She supports Zee Marathi Jagruti an initiative for women empowerment.
  • Her favorite hobbies are Driving and Music.
  • She won the Zee Marathi award for Best Actress in 2015.
  • She likes Non-veg and Sea Food.
  • Her favorite actor and actress are Shahrukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit.
  • Her height is around 5 feet 6 inches.
Career Span 2007 – Present

TV Serials & Webseries Acted Chitrapat / Films / Movies Acted
  • Maat (2013)
  • Narbachi Wadi
  • Ata Batli Futli
  • Tathastu – Hindi
Natak / Plays Acted
  • Avagha Rang Ekchi Zhala
  • Strawberry
Most Memorable Role Aditi from Ka Re Durava

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  1. Hii Suruchi, I like your acting in Anjali pls tu ashim she nako yashsvi sobat lagn kar tumchi jodi khup mast destav. I like you Anjali and yashsvi

  2. Nice Love Story Ka Re Durava and I am meet to you facebook and mail
    ka Re Durava see and I got a degree Bcom and future I am got startup MBA

  3. madam I am biggest fan of you,, mala tumchyashi chat karayach ahe, my what’s up no. (9405649376)

  4. Hii SurucHi Adarkar mam, my sweet, sweet adu as mahnen me tumhla, because me tumchyvar khup khup prem karto, I love you so much Aditi mam, asa akhi episode nahi tumcha ki jo me pahilela nahi, ak vale tumcha episode pahnyasthich me jobvarun ghri yet astna padlo dekhil

    Anie 9cha show nahi pahyla milala tar sakle 6:30/11:30/5:30ya timigla tari me to bagycho

    Anie jevha tumhi serial sampvnar as kalala tevha khup radlo me
    mam please mala tumhla bhetych aahe Anie bolychpan aahe tumchyashi. Please9146643500 ha maza whatsup number aahe please akda chat kara na mazyashi please please

  5. Happy birthday Suruchi, khup khup famous ho, lifemadhye, cahn aahe s ashich chan raha tula tuzya familyela dekhil khup khup shubecha, I love you, I miss you

  6. Hi Suruchi, I like your acting in KA RE DURAVA. I amM. A. in English Literature. Had my College education in Mumbai way back in earli sixties.

  7. Suruchi mam tumhi Mala khup avdta, same story mazi gf aahe na te same tumchyasarkhi diste. Mazyakdun ak chuk zali Anie te Mala sodun gele, Anie jevha me tumhala pahila tevha me tumchyat tela pahat asto.
    Aaj mazya mobile phone madhye tumche 500 episode me download karun tumhla techyarupane pahto please mala tumcyashi bolych aahe Anie tumhla bhetych dekhil aahe, avdch nahitar tumhla bhetnyasthi thnyamadhye aalo hoto pan tumhi bhetla nahi, I love you, I miss you, I love you

  8. Hi Aditi and jay you both are looking very sweet tumchi serial bagayla khup changli vate plz serial naka na sampavu ekdam no1 serial ah hi serial baghun mala positive response milto Aditi mala tumche dresses khup avadtat kute miltata ashe dresses

  9. Suruchi tuze kare duruva madhe boring ahe fakth trp sathi. koni malak ani director swtacha navra kute ahe ani kay karto karod episode Sampat yael tari durava dur dur. Thik ahe payment milat rahil.chala che. Swta che ambition kahi nahi. rajni cha mule serial, ani Ketkar kaka cha mule jamte serail.baki boring ahe. Subodh bahve mothe nat ahe ase boring serail madhe kam kartat.

  10. Hii Suruchi mam me tumcha khup mota fan ahe mala tumi khup aavdta me roz tumchi serial bag to mala tu mala bhetaych ahe mam aani mazi aai pan tumchi khup moti fan ahe aani aai LA pan tumi khup aavdta aani aani Kay bolte mahit ahe ka (सुन पाहिजे तर आशी) aani Suruchi mam plz plz mala pan twitter var follow kara…!!!@Sandesh Kamble aani mam tumala jeva time bhetl teva mala pan twitter var follow kara……aani mam shevtch I love you Suruchi mam aani NYC serial ka re durava no more end…✨

  11. Hello, AAditi
    Tujhi Jay…Chemistry Khupach Chaan hoti…Ka re Durava, Strawberry…Best of luck…!

  12. Narendra Choudhari

    Hi Suruchi nice to meet you, you gouge and beautiful smile, yoyou are looking so nice, you like to you

  13. Everything is perfect…Aditi n jay’s kaka super acting as well as kaku…noure kaka too…lol. all negative character like sobha n Rajani n all perfect…everyone perfect…just I watch only one serial ka re durava….love it

  14. Hi Suruchi tujha face ani majya girlfriendcha face tujya sarkah disto. pan tich ani majh breakup jhal ghar problems mule. Tyamule mi tujhi serial roj baghto. karan mala tujya madhe tich ani tich diste.

  15. Hii SurucHi Adarkar mala tu khup avadtas mala tula bhetaych ahe mi tuza sarvat motha chahta ahe. I love you……

  16. Shrikant Anil Bandi

    Mi kasa ahe as tula vatata,
    tula jar mi changala vatal asel tar mala tu nakkich madat karshil

  17. Time is your most precious gift because you only have a set amount of it. You
    can make more money, but you can’t make more time.

    1. First up all I don’t like the serials, but I don’t know how do I get attracted towards this serial (ka re durawa). May be due to aditi(Suruchi mam). Your innocense on face make me fall in love with your acting…Simply awesome…
      I wish all the very best for this serial……

  18. Hide Suruchi! Yours acting in Kabul Re Durava is awesome and incredible. I wish to meet you once. Webmusic all watch only Marathi serials and wait impatiently for your serial. Previously my favourite was Tejshree Pradhan but now you are my favourite.

  19. Suruchi malaa khup aawadtes tu khup…kaare duraava fakt tula pahaaysaathi pahaato…really…ekach ichaa tula ek da tari bhetava.

  20. Hii…..Aditi (suruchi)
    Tu Khup chan distes…
    Tujha Jo role ahe ka re durawa madhe tashich wife sarwAnna hawi aste
    Good job…
    Thank you

  21. Upendra Manohar Kahane

    Hi, I am Upendra From Doha Qatar
    My favorite serial is Kaa Re Durava.
    it is a special serial of my life.
    I am getting ve energy from Jay and Aditi(Suyash and Suruchi).
    Really nice couple.
    Guyz we Marathi N. R. I.are really surviving here due to some sensible T.V. Serial like Ka re Durava.
    I am really Thankful to Zee Marathi for keeping us happy every day.

  22. Hii mi Mithun tu mala khup avadtes mi ron tuzi serial pahto mala bayko mhanun tuzya sarkhich havi mulgi mala tula bhetaych ahe.

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