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Amrita Rai Journalist Age, Wiki, Biography, Sister, Husband, Married

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Name Amrita Rai : अम्रिता राय

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB Born in 1972. As of 2023, she is around 51 years old.

Wikipedia Biodata / Profile Background

Introduction :

▸ Media is an integral part of our lives as it opens us to a different world, filled with national and international events, interviews with top leaders and politicians. 

▸ India has been producing good journalists, TV anchors & media people who are bestowed upon with the responsibility of showing us the truth of our society so that we can keep pace in this fast-changing world. Amrita Rai is also such a figure in India’s media world!

Personal and Professional Life :

✯ Amrita started her career as a journalist in television with BAG Films and was one of the lead anchors of Star News. Later, she joined NDTV.

✯ She also worked with CNEB under the direction of veteran journalist Rahul Dev for a short period of time before joining NDTV. Currently, she is a senior anchor on Rajya Sabha TV (RSTV).

✯ She had once quoted Pablo Picasso on her Linkedin Profile as “I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it”.

✯ Amrita is considered a good TV Anchor with a good grip and knowledge of literature and society. She is widely noted for her TV Programme Sarokaar.

Relationship with Digvijay Singh :

✺ In May 2014, she came into limelight due to her relationship with Congress General Secretary and the former chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, Digvijay Singh.

✺ At the time, she was married to Anand Pradhan, an Associate Professor of journalism at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi.

✺ Some of their intimate pictures were leaked online, which brought a lot of criticism to her and Digvijay Singh and also her ex-husband Anand Pradhan for supporting her on her decision to marry Digvijay Singh upon finalization of their divorce.

✺ Following this controversy, Digvijay Singh had publicly admitted his relationship with Amrita on his Twitter handle.

✺ Her Ex-husband Anand Pradhan raised his support towards her in his own words ‘For people who are not ready to view the finer details of man-woman relationship and also the woman’s existence and personality from any other mindset than the feudal and patriarchal one, for those who do not consider women anything more than private property or a baby-making machine, for those who do not respect the dignity of that gender, it is a chance to indulge in lurid jokes, personal attacks, and mudslinging. But this is all they know. This is the limit of their thinking and politics. I do not expect anything more than this from them.’

✺ In Amrita’s words ‘We live in a modern, progressive India, and the constitutional and legal framework has empowered me to decide about my life and my life’s choices’.

✺ Despite an age difference, she married Digvijay Singh in September 2015 and continued working with Rajya Sabha TV as a Senior Anchor.

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