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Carolina Sarassa Biografía, Edad, Age, Wiki, Bio, Esposo, Husband

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Name Carolina Sarassa

Birthday / Date of Birth / Age / Edad April 19, 1984. As of 2021, she is around 37 years old.

Biography Profile / Wikipedia Information

Introduction :

Carolina Sarassa is a news presenter, published author and multiple Emmy award-winning journalist. She’s worked as a columnist for La Opinion Newspaper and a few non-fiction books.

Early Life, Family & Personal Details :

  • Carolina Sarassa was born in Medellin, Colombia.
  • She moved to Miami, Florida, at the age of 13, for economic and political reasons.
  • She worked from an early age to help the family with expenses. Among different things she did, included selling perfumes & manicure kits at shopping centres. Although, she always had the idea that her escape to a better future was education.
  • Parents– Her father did miscellaneous jobs, mostly in restaurants to support her home when they first moved to Florida, while her mother served as a nanny to help with household income. She even had a half-sister (her dad’s first daughter). In 2014, she managed to track her in Spain & reconciled the daughter & father.
  • She and her family became naturalized US citizens in 2004.
  • Education : Graduated with a degree in Communications with highest honors from Florida International University. Here she received several fellowships, one of them awarded by The Miami Herald.

Relationships, Novios and Dating :

  • Carolina met Andrés Chacón in 2008. They had several years of friendship, after which they fell in love.
  • In 2011, Carolina and Andrés got married. The couple went on honeymoon to exotic destinations in Rome, Italy & Colombia.

TV Career, Salary & Profession :

  • In 2004, after her internship for the University, she got an opportunity to work as an Associate Producer in “Here and Now,” the successful Univision program.
  • Thereafter, she left her first job and became a journalist & presenter in Corpus Christi, Texas, for the Univision channel as it seemed more promising.
  • In August 2012, she made the leap to Los Angeles, California, to take on the challenge of correspondent and co-presenter of MundoFox News nationwide. Carolina became the only female presenter of the channel to win four Gabriel Awards for her journalistic performance.
  • In the year 2015, she worked for the channel Telemundo.
  • In 2016, she moved to Univision to present their Digital News segment.

Books Written :

  • In early 2015, she published her first book: “Dancing on Her Grave,” where she chronicles the murder of an exotic dancer in Las Vegas.

Body Measurements & Interesting Facts :

  • There is no doubt that information journalism has been her forte. As a journalist, Sarassa has won three Emmys for the Best Crime Story, Best News Seriesand Best Cultural History.
  • On her blog, she mentioned that she always seemed to attract males who were slightly older than her. Even her grandfather was 20 years older than her grandmom but they loved each other deeply.

Carolina Sarassa Medidas :

  • Carolina Sarassa Altura / Estatura / Cuánto mide : 1,73 m (información confirmada)
  • Carolina Sarassa Peso : 67 kg (información no confirmada).
  • Color de ojos : Marrón oscura
  • Cabello : Marrón oscura
  • Embarazada? : Actualmente no
Wedding / Husband / Marriage / Dating / Esposo Married. Her husband name is Andrés Chacón.

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