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Linette Lopez Wiki, Age, Married, Husband, Parents, Journalist Bio

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Name Linette Lopez

Wikipedia Biography / Profile Information

Introduction :

  • Linette Lopez is regarded as one of the best financial journalists in the industry for her talent of making complex financial matters easy to understand!
  • Her natural curiosity and intellect have helped her become a well-respected writer & analyst who has an outstanding knowledge of not only how “Wall Street” works but its history as well.

Personal Life & Family Background :

  • Linette Lopez grew up in West Virginia, Central Pennsylvania. She is the daughter of Dominican Republic immigrant parents.
  • She classes herself as a natural-born country girl.
  • Since graduating from college, Linette has mostly lived in Williamsburg, New York
  • She doesn’t mix her personal and work life and hangs out with her friends in places that are worlds apart from where you would find her at work.

Education : Qualifications, High School & College Info

  • Linette’s early education was at State College Area High School and she graduated from here in 2004.
  • Later, she went to the Columbia University School of Journalism, from where she graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and International Journalism and Audio Production.
  • Linette also succeeded in getting a Master of Science in Journalism degree in 2011.
  • Before graduation, she also went to work for Jeff Klien, a state senator. Although interested in politics, Lopez soon realized this wasn’t what she wanted.

Career, Income, Salary & Net worth :

Business Insider :

  • Linette has spent most of her career since leaving university working at Business Insider as an editor.
  • Since Linette started work at Business Insider, her contributions have seen the readership grow from 4 million page views per month to 13 million!
  • Linette enjoys interviewing people from Wall Street, who have lived through the events she reads about in books.
  • She feels she has to pay a ‘15 minute tax’ when she interviews anyone. This means that she feels she has 15 minutes to convince the person she is interviewing that she has the credibility of others that have been doing the job for over 20 or 30 years.
  • Her financial coverage also includes items on lifestyle, fashion and luxury items.
  • Such is her credibility that Linette’s stories have led to incisive moves in the stock market within hours of her stories going live.

Other Work :

  • Lopez enjoys teaching as an adjunct professor at the Columbia University School of Journalism.
  • Keen to give to the industry further, Linette contributes to the Columbia University Review and the Committee to Protect Journalists.
  • She also contributes to Marketplace, an American Public Media Radio Show as well as co-hosting a podcast called ‘Hard Pass.’

Interesting Facts, Height & Trivia :

  • Being brought up in the country, Linette can clean horses’ hooves, milk cows, shoot skeet and paddle canoes!
  • She believes that reading is supremely important for achieving success.
  • While growing up, Linette’s mother gave her a Drew Barrymore Movie Never Been Kissed. The movie was about a woman who goes to school as an undercover reporter. Linette thought that the film was terrible, but her mother says she bought it as she knew Linette would grow up to become a great journalist.
  • Not having a business background, Lopez used to write lists of vocabulary words to learn them.
  • Although she admits she hates it, Linette works out to keep herself sane. Another way she relaxes is by listening to House Music.
  • Linette Lopez Nationality : American
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB No confirmed information available on her birth year or the date she was born.

Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Engaged / Spouse / Partner See above for relationship details.

5 thoughts on “Linette Lopez Wiki, Age, Married, Husband, Parents, Journalist Bio”

  1. I happened upon a short video Ms. Lopez did on which she showed a photo of a field where Tesla was soon to begin construction of a multi-billion dollar factory where they have since been building thousands of Teslas for the Chinese market. She seemed to infer that Tesla is no more capable of following through on their plans than Faraday Future, Nikola Trucks, or a few other automotive startups.

    “He (or she) who laughs last laughs best.”

    Elon Musk has not always hit every one of his target dates, but his record of awesome accomplishments with Pay Pal, Tesla, SpaceX, etc., are arguably far beyond those of any other living individual and can be compared favorably with those of Howard Hughes.

    Considering the challenges he carves out for himself, merely being late on one of his daunting projects should not be a reason to be embarrassed.

    This man has changed the way we conduct finance in momentous ways with PayPal; he has successfully launched thousands of satellites into orbit; dozens of his rocket boosters have landed on tiny barges rocking about at sea, saving millions of dollars in hardware with each launch.

    His SpaceX venture is the first and only private company to launch a payload out to the orbit of Mars or to sign many billions of contracts with NASA. He recently received a contract to land humans on The Moon.

    His transportation/ energy company (Tesla) has, in just a few short years, produced millions of vehicles; his high-speed EV charging stations are ubiquitous throughout this country and continue to be installed the world over, transforming the way we drive, and conduct commerce.

    Tesla has had a profound effect on the Australian state of South Australia, with its Hornsdale battery installation. Ask any Aussie how significant Tesla has been for them.

    Musk has been the richest man on the planet and will be the richest again once his Gigafactories in Germany and Austin, TX, are up and running if that is anyone’s gauge of worth in our society.

    There is no single individual that has affected the lives of Americans, or who will continue to do so in more and more profound ways. Ms. Lopez’s criticisms are truly pathetic.

  2. Linnette Lopez writes the most biased untrue stories aver – so anti-Elon / Tesla it’s crazy. Who’s paying her to lie all the time – big oil – her Daddy?

  3. I have never read a story that is so poorly research as Linette López wrote when she know for a fact the Democratic Party was started to keep slavery and the Republican party got rid of it. But to rewrite history and use out lies is why no one today has any respect for the left wing Media

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