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Nick Chavez【 QVC 】Age, Wife, Partner, Married, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio

Nick Chavez Hair Stylist Products
Name Nick Chavez

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Biography Profile / Wikipedia Information

Introduction :

  • Nick Chavez is an international celebrity artist with his own line of hair products that include shampoos, conditioners, coloring, and styling products.
  • His clientele includes well-known celebs and models like Gigi Hadid, Maria Shriver, Ivana Trump, George Lopez, Bella Hadid, and Queen Noor.

Personal Life : Parents & Family Background

  • Nick Chavez was born on December 15, in Yuma, Arizona, and was raised there by his parents, Kathryn and Juan Chávez.
  • The second oldest of seven siblings, Nick’s father, worked at a ranch while his mother stayed at home to manage the big family & take care of the children.
  • Nick’s grandmother has Yaqui roots, and he spent time learning holistic healing remedies from her.
  • When Nick was ten years old, his interest in horses grew, and he started grooming and styling their family horses. He soon discovered his talent for grooming horses, which progressed to him cutting and styling hair for his family and friends.
  • After Nick rose to fame as a celebrity hairstylist and salon owner, he went back to Yuma, Arizona, and built a 10,000-square-foot home for his parents. He also built an air-conditioned horse barn and shaded arena on the property for his reining horses.
  • Nick was also a champion horse rider who has won a Silver Olympic Blade. His trophy saddles, other medals, and bronzes are displayed in the office at his home ranch.

Career, Income, Salary & Net Worth :

  • After graduating from Yuma Union High School, when Nick was 19 years old, he moved to California and landed a job at a prominent Beverly Hills salon. He started as a cleaner and sweeper and then went on to be a stylist. Over the years he worked there, he became a client favorite because of his work and his helpful and confident attitude.
  • Later, Nick did a tour of Europe, which included working with designers such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Yves St. Laurent, etc. This was so successful that it lead to magazine covers in Vogue, GQ, Elle, and Esquire and a 100-foot billboard in NYC’s Times Square.
  • He decided to return to Beverly Hills to continue his dream of working as a hairstylist and, this time, started his own salon. His former reputation helped him in amassing a famous clientele right from get-go which included big names like Margeaux Hemmingway, Lisa Hartmann, and Belinda Carlisle.
  • The other personalities he has worked with include Maria Shriver, Ivana Trump, George Lopez, Queen Noor and Michelle Stafford.
  • In 1999, after struggling to find good hair products for his clients, Nick started his own hair products line, Nick Chavez Beverly Hills. His line is mostly sold in many online stores and QVC, the popular home shopping network.
  • Currently, Chavez lives in an apartment within walking distance from his salon with his wife, Alima.

Fun Facts, Height & Trivia :

  • Nick’s third cousin, Cesar Chavez is known as a heroic human rights activist who is the founder of the labor union for farmworkers, United Farm Workers.
  • Nick is also known for his philanthropy and provides charitable support to numerous organizations like United States Armed Services, Hiring our Heroes and Global Aid Network among many.
  • After his first job, Chavez had tried his hand at modeling and acting.
Health Update
  • Nick Chavez Illness / Sick: In early March 2020, Nick Chavez informed he had two early stages of cancer.
Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / How old / DOB No confirmed information is available.

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  1. I am a Nick Chavez girl!!! I love his products. I get so many compliments on my hair. How soft and how shiny.

    Thank you for your product and your kindness.

  2. Michelle Nicholson

    Let’s make Nick Chávez king of the world! I am a nurse And after a long, hard shift, I often come home and watch videos of Nick Chávez doing hair. His positive and enthusiastic attitude is comforting and inspiring. And do we all ever need that in these troubling times? Yes of course his hair products are beyond awesome but what he has to offer to the world is so much more than that. He makes the world a better place and for that I am grateful.

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