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Susan Graver QVC, Bio, Age, Husband, Biography, Wikipedia, Net worth

susan graver jewelry clothing
Personal Details Summary
Name Susan Graver
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB December 20, 1953. As of 2022, she is around 69 years old.
Spouse / Wedding / Susan Graver Husband / Partner Married to Richard Graver. See below for the details of their marriage.
How much is Susan Graver from QVC worth? Susan is estimated to have a Net Worth of around $3 million dollars by 2020.
Children / No. of Kids 3
Ethnicity / Origin / Heritage / Race White
Nationality British
Wiki Bio / Profile Background

Introduction : Who is Susan Graver?

  • Susan Graver, born and raised New York, is one of the world’s top fashion designers & a long term QVC presenter.
  • Now in her 60’s, the self-made star still looks great & maintains a stunning figure and trendy style.
  • The designer specializes in ‘Easy Care, Easy Wear’ to appeal to her fellow working moms, Susan has been selling her designs on the popular QVC, ever since the network was founded in 1986.

Early Life & Education :

  • Susan grew up in Levittown, Long Island & has lived on Long Island all her life.
  • Even as a child Susan was destined to become a designer – From the early age of 5, the girl was constantly painting, drawing and making clothes for her dolls.
  • The young Susan had many talents including playing piano and clarinet, she took ballet classes and was a cheerleader.
  • But her main passion was always for design and fashion.
  • Education : In college she majored in Art and Psychology.

Susan Graver Family, Kids & Marriage :

  • Susan Graver has been married to Richard Graver for 35+ years.
  • Together they have three children, Michael, David and Jaclyn.
  • Susan continued working almost without any time off through the pregnancy and after the birth of all 3 of her children.
  • She says it was thanks to her mother & her in-laws that she was able to support her husband, who was then at law school & build her fashion business at the same time.
  • Their first child, Michael Graver, was given Susan’s father’s name & their second child, David Graver, is now an adult and recently married.
  • Susan’s only daughter, Jaclyn Graver, works alongside her mother, together they produce fashion style and advice videos.

Susan Graver Net Worth, Salary & Career Success :

  • Fed up of her 12-hour day job at a paint manufacturer, Susan launched her own business while taking care of her 1-year-old son.
  • She began designing, manufacturing and marketing her own fashion range.
  • In 1994, Susan was chosen for the cover on “Income Opportunity,” after the flying success of her line of Poly-Silks that she co-designed with her mother-in-law, Audrey Graver.
  • In 2000, Susan released her debut novel ‘It’s a Fit,’ a book of fashion tips and ideas.
  • It was a top seller on QVC & has 5 star online reviews but the writer admits that her book failed to make an impact in major book stores.

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Interesting Facts :

  • Susan earned herself the nickname ‘Dottie’ Graver when her range of dotty dress designs became the number 1 in a Mail Catalogue for a luxury department store.
  • The range was featured in every season and she thereby became known among designers and department stores as ‘Dottie’ Graver.
  • In an Off The Cuff interview Susan revealed that :
  • Celebrity crush : Paul Newman
  • Favorite food : Pizza
  • Favorite vacation spot : Tortola
Body & Other Vital Info

Susan Graver Measurements :

  • Eye Color : Brown
  • Haircut / Hair Color : Blonde
  • Susan Graver Height : 5’ 7”
  • Feet / Legs / Boots / Shoe Size : No confirmed information available.
  • Pregnant ? : Currently, she is not expecting a baby.

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  1. Susan,

    I love your line of clothing, but could you please make tunics and tops for us 5’2” women? All your clothing is way too long. The back fits down to my knees and that makes the front way too long. PLEASE make your tops 23” to 25”. Thank you

  2. When I purchase pants, I only purchase Susan Graver pants. They fit perfect and I look great in them. I also buy other clothing from her.

  3. Susan…I am huge fan…at age 86 I still wear what I feel comfortable
    in and get so many compliments… Your enthusiasm is contagious…

    1. Why does it make you feel good ladies, to put some hostess down on a shopping network? How sad your lives must be! Love you Suzy G. You keep making your great clothing. I guess your happiness just makes others sooo jealous. Exactly what is wrong with our world today!

  4. I love her clothes. a little pricey, but they last and wash well. Have so many of her tops. Keep up the good not like some of the flowery pieces.

  5. I discovered QVC and Susan Graver’s wonderful clothing line about 5 years ago. I have replaced much of my wardrobe with items from Susan’s collection. I am in my mid-70s and not as slim as I once was. I can always count on Susan’s designs to be flattering and timeless.

  6. my wardrobe is more and more consisting of Susan Graver she has become my first choice to buy from. I enjoy her shows very much and Isaac’s

  7. Carol (Roth) Gluck

    When Richard was very young I baby sat for Audrey and Jack. Your mother-in-law was absolutely stunning and Jack played Friday night cards with my dad, Jay Roth. Years later I bumped into Audrey in North Woodmere Park; I was watching my daughter play and she had her grandchild there as well…
    Are Audrey and Jack still healthy and well? If so, please tell them Carol Roth says Hi. Your clothe’s are absolutely wonderful.

  8. I like Susan actually; love her personality, clearly shows she loves her products. I’ve bought her clothes but waited till they’re on clearance as they are kind of pricey; and that goes with other shopping networks I buy my clothes from.
    QVC, pls. Keep her!

  9. QVC definitely knows how to get you to part with your money. I’ve enjoyed the pieces I’ve bought from Susan Graver… Do not shrink when washed like Kohl’s clothing.most of the pieces I bought .last spring, I returned. The fabric quality was not the same as previous purchases. If I follow the sizing charts, the sizes work. Yes, I wish she would talk less. I get a headache. She interrupts the hostesses. Sometimes, they are visibly upset. However, Susan is charming, energetic and passionate… Turning 65…Looks great!

  10. I look forward to Susan’s segments. I don’t think she is over the top. She is just bubbly and enthusiastic. Her clothe’s are pricy, but the quality is good. Try going to the Department Stors and see the quality. The material is so thin and the stitching is poor. And Susan’s clothe’s are generous in their sizing compared to buying retail. Give me Susan anytime!

  11. First time ordering Susan….looked everywhere for these type of pants was so excited when I saw you on ACC. Ordered 2 pairs of liquid knit but they are too big and sent them back can’t wait for the return…wasn’t really sure about the size but in the meantime ordered 2 shirts and another pair of pants…I love your energetic personality…I love watching you…cant wait to get my new clothes !! Keep on doing what you are doing…I’ll let you know how everything works out……Regina in Florida…

  12. Hi Susan, I have watched you and purchased your clothing for as long as I can remember. I am in my sixties now. I do want to share a recent heartbreak with you. My sister in law needed something to wear for a special occasion. I loaned her my favorite SG cardigan. It was a liquid knit floral cardigan. It had beautiful blue flowers on a black background and it was sprinkled with blue sequins. There was a strip of elastic across the back. It came with a blue knit tank that I never wore with it. To make a long story short, the cardigan was accidentally thrown away. Do you think you will ever make a similar one? I absolutely loved that top.

  13. Susan I love your clothes. I think your prices are great, my motto is you get what you pay for. If I want a tee shirt, I can spend ten to twenty-five dollars and wear it to clean my house or to a bar-b-que. When it come to going to my job, fifty two years and counting, going to church, parties, lunch with my friends, and out to dinner with my husband I wear your tops. They are so pretty and well made and I get asked, where did you get that top. I reply it’s a Susan Graver from QVC. I love your energy keep it up, some people are just jealous but we love them anyway. I love your clothes.

  14. I love Susan as for over the top look where she’s at today she believes in product she’s full of energy and looks great! I love everything I order.

  15. I’m probably one of the few that cringe when Susan is on. Drives me crazy. Why have a hostess when she takes over the show and brags, brags, brags? I won’t be caught in one of her designs. Obviously, she doesn’t need me because she has a great following.

  16. I enjoy catching Susan’s shows on the Q! I look forward to seeing what her latest pieces are and she always looks stunning and figure flattering in her line! I do have a few liquid knit tops, although a bit pricey, they truly are luxurious and the colors are absolutely vibrant and gorgeous! Love Susan’s style! It really is figure flattering, elegant and easy to wear and travel with! You are a talented gem that loves what you do and it shows!

  17. Love Susan’s clothe’s and her energy! She’s the best! My closet is full of her clothes. I get so many compliments on my clothes. I don’t know how I could get dressed without Susan Graver clothes!

  18. I love Susan! Her clothe’s are good quality. But, maybe a little pricey. I do have many of her pieces. Go to some of the local stores, and just look at some of the cheap fabric they are using overseas!! Susan you are so I g a great job……keep it up. Just please don’t up your prices anymore.

  19. I agree Susan needs to tone it down quite a bit and needs to lower her prices. She needs to let the hosts do their jobs and she needs to stop touching the models. Calm down Susan and you may get more sales

  20. Susan Graver pants are not as advertised! Pockets open on hips adding inche’s and the wide elastic waistband twists and folds in half within the fabric. They are a mess! Just bought a few months ago and I cannot wear any longer!

  21. Well I think she is wonderful. Her clothe’s are not cheap, but they are a good quality of clothes, compared to some of the other brands. I don’t think she is rude, she just knows her clothes which is a good quality. I love watching her, and her bubbley personality for a 60 something year old is refreshing. Keep it up Susan.

  22. I love Susan Gravers clothes pants fit beautifuly! Liquid knit blouses are great and are perfect for travel! I always encourage my relatives and friends to check out her beautiful line of stylish, age appropriate, quality, travel easy line of clothes

  23. Hi Susan ,
    I have a question? Do you think you can make your Chelsea stretch zip front pants in light colors for spring and summer. I would love white and soft pink, soft green. I have tops with those colors in them and can only wear white with them right now.
    Also I would love it if you could make you tops shorter. I am 5.2 and short waisted and a size 8.Anything that go to my hip makes me look short and fat. So please please make some tops for the rest of us that don’t like of wear. I see a lot of tops that I would buy then. I see how long they are and won’t buy them. Thank you so much if you can do this for me.
    A rel fan. Rose Bugai

  24. Like most of SG’s clothing line but her clothes have gotten too pricey over the past two years. They are well made but the way styles change so frequently we dispose of those well made items before they show wear and tear.

  25. I also was a spy major and do design for myself. I started with your line on vac and nearly all my closet is yours and ALL my pants. No one fits me like you. I have bought from your line over the years and found your style went with me as I continued through ages of body change where your clothe’s always fits, lasts forever looking new. I retired as a psychologist, to cattle rancher to , maybe, my last retirement in sunny Fla. With my husband of 34 years, retired US Coast Guardsman Ron. Please continue your wonderful designs and it has been great sharing watching your family grow up. You are the kind of person we all feel we could chat with over coffee.

  26. Hi Susan
    Love that you’re an Island girl, mother and tyh e designer of 90 percent of my clothing.
    Your liquid knit rocks and your sizes are comfortably worn. I live in Seaford.
    Your greatest fan.
    Angela Parisi from Realty Connect USA
    516 610 6138 cell
    175 Crossways Park Dr
    Woodbury Corporate Office

  27. FYI. I’m not a realtor or sales person. I’m not sure if you’re locked in with contracts, but I just thought it would be a great way to keep your line going.

  28. Just wondering if you Susan are interested in retail in the Leigh Valley area. I’ve got a great location if you are interested. I would love every moment working with you in this
    I adore you and your inspiration and of course your style.
    Love you
    Donna Troxell

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