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Jane Hutcheon Husband, Wedding, Age【 Wikipedia 】Mother, DOB

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Name Jane Hutcheon

Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / How old / DOB No confirmed information is available.

Biography Profile / Wiki Information

Introduction :

Jane Hutcheon is an Australian author. She is also a former presenter and creator of the One Plus One chat show.

Personal Life : Family and Education

  • Jane Hutcheon was born in Hong Kong to journalist parents. She has two brothers: Andrew, a lawyer, and Stephen, a former journalist, also working for ABC. Her mother was half-Chinese and her father, Robin Hutcheon, was Anglo-Celtic.
  • She attended the Glenealy Junior School in Hong Kong, which is part of the English Schools Foundation of Hong Kong. She followed that with attending the international Island School, also in Hong Kong and the founding school of the English Schools Foundation.
  • Jane then attended the Charles Sturt University in Australia, where she achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Media Studies.
  • Jane is married to Michael, a cameraman, and she has one child with him, a daughter named Isla.
  • She currently resides in Sydney, Australia.

Career, Income, Salary & Net Worth :

  • Jane started her career in broadcasting back in the 1980s, in Hong Kong. She was a reporter for a TV show involved in current affairs news.
  • Jane started working with the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) as a finance correspondent from 1994 to 1995. In this role, she reported on economics and business.
  • From December 1995 until October 2008, Jane was a foreign correspondent for the ABC. In this role, she travelled extensively and witnessed and reported on a variety of world conflicts. She travelled from Europe to Asia to the Middle East and more than forty countries. She was present for most of the history-defining events and conflicts that occurred during those two decades.
  • From August 2010 until September 2019, Jane was the presenter of the One Plus One show, which she also created. During her time on the show, Jane led over five hundred interviews. She has stated that she is ending her career at ABC in order to pursue new projects and challenges.
  • On April 24, 2017, Jane published her book China Baby Love.

Trivia, Height & Interesting Facts :

  • Jane speaks Cantonese Chinese and is still very attached to Hong Kong, where she grew up.
  • She met her husband, Michael, while they were both attending Palestinian politician Yasser Arafat’s funeral in Ramallah, the Palestinian city on the West Bank.
  • Jane has lived in many locations across the world, such as Jerusalem, Jordan, and China.
  • She is a sought-after public speaker, keynote speaker, moderator, and panellist.
  • Jane wrote and directed the documentary From Mao to Now in 2013. The documentary featured the forty years that ABC reported on China, and also traced her own family history.
  • She was the moderator of the Sydney Writers Festival.
  • Jane has stated that her work as an interviewer has been influenced by Charlie Rose.
  • She has interviewed a myriad of people from different walks of life, and celebrities such as Eric Bana, Alan Rickman, Jennifer Saunders, Germaine Greer, Geoffrey Rush, and Eddie Izzard.
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  1. I just adore Jane Hutcheon and her amazing empathy she had for each person she interviewed on “ One plus one. ” She came across as articulate,empathic,caring,curious and had this innate ability to somehow place her self in the shoes of the person she interviewed.
    I am going to miss her terribly, I went out and purchased books that interviewed people had written. She made my life richer……thank you Jane Hutcheon, I wish you well!

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