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Nate Byrne Married, Wife, Partner【 Wikipedia Biography 】ABC, Age

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Name Nate Byrne

Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Spouse / Partner / Boyfriend It is known that Nate is openly gay. Check the full bio for relationship details.

Wiki Bio / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • The face of the weather for ABC’s News Breakfast, Nate uses his skills as a communicator, meteorologist and science expert to inform and entertain his audience.
  • His dynamic on-screen presence opens up the world of science to novices and experts alike.

Early Life and Education :

  • Growing up, Nate always had a fascination for science, and it was no surprise that he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics.
  • After graduating, Nate joined the Royal Australian Navy where he travelled the world for 12 years on piloting navy warships and working as an onboard meteorologist and oceanographer.
  • During this time, he studied with the Bureau of Meteorology, where he gained his Post-Graduate Certificate in Meteorology.
  • On a visit to Canberra, he was introduced to the ‘Master of Science Communication (Outreach)’ course and decided this is what he wanted to do, although it took a couple more years before he applied. He graduated from this Australian National University program in 2016.
  • This course was everything he dreamed of, combining specialist training in science communication, performance, and exhibition design. He also got to travel around Australia for three months with The Shell Questacon Science Circus.
  • Nate found the course was also a great stepping stone to being able to write from an academic point of view on government and strategic policy.

Personal Life, Parents and Family Details :

  • Little is known about Nate’s family background or personal life.
  • Although Nate is part of the LGBT community and has taken part in the Melbourne Midsumma Pride March, it is not known whether he is single, dating or married.
  • He lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Career, Income, Salary and Net Worth :

  • Since leaving the Navy in 2017; Nate has been the Weather Presenter for ABC News Breakfast.
  • He is solely responsible for all of his segments and enjoys the freedom it gives him in his work.
  • The community also benefits from Nate’s talent. He is often out presenting shows on the outskirts of Melbourne giving students the opportunity to discover science.
  • In 2018, Nate co-hosted the opening of The Invictus Games at Sydney Opera House.
  • In August 2019, he became the face of National Science Week at the time of their launch.
  • Climate change is at the top of Nate’s agendas and realizes that there are numerous challenges ahead.

Interesting Facts, Height and Trivia :

  • When he was five years old, Nate realized he needed a job when he grew up. He saw people on TV for 5 minutes and a day and thought ‘that will do.’ Either that or be a wizard!
  • A keen dog lover, Nate is an advocate for guide dogs.
  • In support of beating blood cancer, Nate took part in World’s Greatest Shave live on ABC to help raise funds for leukemia research.
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB No confirmed information is available on the year he was born.

24 thoughts on “Nate Byrne Married, Wife, Partner【 Wikipedia Biography 】ABC, Age”

  1. Allan Jones {the poor one}

    HI Nate, Try this one on your team crew. “Whether the Weather be Cold or Whether the Weather be Hot, We will Weather the Weather, what ever the Weather, Whether we like it or not” Say this after a few glasses of wine!

    1. Gerald Dharmaraj Anthony

      Nate is a such a great personality with warmth and cheerfulness that will brighten anyone’s day. Nate, keep up your great work and your friendly cheerfulness, you are an asset to ABC News.

  2. Hi Nate,

    It was a pleasant surprise to watch the Australian War Memorial artists doc with you. I enjoyed the way you presented it!


  3. Hi Nate,

    I really enjoy watching your rendition of the weather in the mornings as well as your meteorological commentary. I watched the documentary on war artists this morning. It was excellent in every respect. Your commentary was so empathetic. I loved it.

    Steve Strong.

  4. Hi Nate,

    You are a snazzy dresser, I love your shirts and always smart bright sunny appearance, perfect weather presenter.
    What are your dogs’ names, please? I know you are a dog lover as I am…in fact, I love all animals big and small.
    Love ABC Breakfast and especially you.


  5. Hi Nate, loved your appearance on The Cheap Seats last night. Perfect fit. Hope they have you back regularly.


  6. Nate,

    I am 83 and a stickler for correct English. “GOT” is not good English whatever happened to HAVE / HAS…they seem to have been replaced! I have noticed (I watch you every morning) that you use “Got” up to five times in the short space of time in your weather report. Please try to get back to good English!

  7. Nate. Thank you for the presentations and fun treating those “others”.

    I would like you to ask management at the Met if that very nice satellite map could have a slight modification, I would like a very white spot on the actual-named place. It would help the geography knowledge, at least in my family, and even if each white spot had to be covered, it would not always happen.


  8. Elisabeth Almering

    Dear Nate,

    I was wondering whether you could say something about the devastating fires in the north of Australia. They have been going for two months already and have not made the mainstream news. They are still destroying the Savannah’s, in the Kimberley etc. This destruction impacts the wildlife and habitat of the area.

  9. Hi Nate, Just wondered where you get your shirts from which in some cases appear to be 3 quarter length and can’t seem to find them locally. David

    1. If a male made a comment like this about a female presenter there’d be an immediate backlash! The thing about equality is equal respect…#HeToo

  10. Hi Nate, why don’t you contact the MUGITULU BAND from Ayers rock, Great musicians & I am sure they would be happy to teach you the Drums. Saw them in the ABC Recording Studio, absolutely FAB…You’ve got to be that.


  11. Will you please check your weather map and get Lismore in the correct place. Lismore is NOT on the border of Queensland, and nowhere near the coast. You are not alone by any means; Channel 9 seems to be the only one to get it in the right location.

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