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Bertha Cronje 2021 Now, Husband, Wiki, Age, Family, Hansie Cronje Wife

Name Bertha Cronje (Also known as : Hansie Cronje Wife)

Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Spouse / Partner / Boyfriend Married twice. See below for relationship details.

Wikipedia Biography / Profile Information

Introduction :

  • Imagine being married to a cricketer…Imagine the cricketer is considered as a hero by the entire nation for his heroics on the field…Imagine then having to watch him being called a traitor after being tainted in a spot-fixing row…Imagine now being looked upon as the wife of someone who has betrayed the entire nation…Imagine being widowed at a young age as the plane carrying your husband, aged 32, crashes into the Outeniqua mountains.
  • This woman is none other than Bertha Cronje (now Du Plessis). The cricketer was none other than ex-South African Cricket Captain Hansie Cronje.
  • After Hansie’s death in 2001, Bertha was named the sole benefactor of the Hansie Cronje Trust, which had over one million rands (approx Rs 50 lakh). The trust also owned the Rand 3-million house that Hansie and Bertha lived in, near the town of George.

Personal Life, Parents & Family :

  • Bertha is the daughter of parents – Father Kosie Pretorius, who is a retired math teacher, and mother Elize Pretorius, who reside in Bloemfontein.
  • Earlier married to Hansie Cronje since 1995, Bertha found a new love in Jacques Du Plessis, a financial auditor in the town of George, two years after Hansie’s tragic death in 2001.
  • Jacques & Bertha married in 2003. The couple is now parents to two children. The elder one, a girl, belongs to Du Plessis’ earlier marriage and the younger one- a boy Daniel Du Plessis was born to the couple after their marriage.
  • For her education, she studied to be a professional physiotherapist.

Controversies :

  • Bertha was one of the few people who Hansie faxed his confessions about the fixing scandal being true. The date was April 11, 2000. He sent it to numerous people as he didn’t want the issue being swept under the carpet.
  • Bertha’s second husband, Jacques, a popular financial auditor, left his ex-wife Theresa Nigrin for her. This had left Theresa heartbroken. Theresa’s ex-husband, who she left for Jacques, was reportedly fuming that after messing up his life. Jacques has now moved onto greener pastures marrying Hansie Cronje’s beautiful, rich wife.

Interesting Facts, Height & Trivia :

  • Hansie had planned a romantic day with Bertha to celebrate their wedding anniversary, which would be their fifth year together as husband and wife, when he got a call from Ali Bacher asking about the allegations of match-fixing.
  • Bertha refused to give interviews for the movie based on Hansie’s life. The film was made by his brother, Frans Cronje. However, Bertha was present to attend the film’s premiere along with her new husband Jacques and son Daniel, who was then six months old.
  • Jonty Rhodes and his wife were the only people from the cricketing world who attended Bertha’s second marriage.
  • Bertha was very close to Hansie’s parents Ewie and San-Marie Cronje, and sought their blessing for marrying Jacques. They were present at the wedding along with Hansie’s siblings.

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