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Robert Morris Age, College【 Wikipedia Bio 】Health, Wife Family, Net worth

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Name Robert Morris

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB July 29, 1961. As of 2022, he is around 61 years old.

Wiki Biography / Profile Information

Introduction :

  • Pastor Robert Morris is an American evangelist pastor.
  • He is also the founder and senior pastor of the Gateway Church, which spreads over the Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex.

Personal Life, Parents & Family Background :

  • Pastor Robert Preston Morris was born on July 29, 1961, in Marshall, Texas.
  • He has been married to his wife Debbie Morris since 1980.
  • Pastor Robert has a daughter, Elaine (Morris) Fisher, and two sons – Josh and James.
  • Through them, he has nine grandchildren : Grady, Willow, Parker, Mitchell, Brae, Addelynn, Katelynn, Preston, and Jackson.
  • At the age of 19, Pastor Robert left behind his old life and went into the fold of the church.
  • He credits God with saving him and putting him on the right path.

Church Work, Salary & Net worth :

  • After feeling the call to establish a ministry in 1999, Pastor Robert founded the Gateway Church in the year 2000.
  • Gateway Church sprawls across several campuses in the Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex and has its main base in Southlake, Texas. He is the senior pastor of the church, which has since grown to a congregation of over forty thousand people.
  • Pastor Robert also hosts his own show, Pastor Robert Morris Ministries, previously known as The Blessed Life, airing on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and the Daystar Television Network. The show airs in over 190 countries.
  • Pastor Morris also has a radio show, Worship & the Word with Pastor Robert, which airs across 850 American radio stations. He also hosts the Gateway Live webcast.
  • He has written over 14 bestselling books, including Frequency, Truly Free, The Blessed Life, and The God I Never Knew.
  • He also serves as the Chancellor of The King’s University in the Dallas/Fort Worth North Texas area.
  • The Gateway Church has two church plants in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Austin, Texas, that are independent of the main Dallas/Fort Worth church.
  • Pastor Robert has also established a music production branch called Gateway Worship.

Fun Facts, Height & Trivia :

  • Pastor Robert was brought into the fold of evangelism by his friend James Robison, who is currently an Apostolic Elder at the Gateway Church.
  • He was initially Baptist and attended two Southern Baptist Colleges! However, he did not go on to achieve a degree from either one.
  • Pastor Robert is part of the Executive Council of Evangelical Leaders established by President Donald Trump.
  • The initial launch of the Gateway Church was carried out at a hotel in Grapevine, Texas, on Easter Sunday in 2000.
  • Following a surgery that repaired Pastor Robert’s double hernia in April 2018, he was taken into emergency care with internal bleeding that had been caused by the surgery. Pastor Robert went through several more emergency surgeries, and almost lost his life due to blood loss.
  • His wife Debbie went on social media to ask for prayers from the congregation, and more than 200,000 people across the world responded. The pastor recovered to full health and created a church led blood drive to encourage donations.
Wedding & Marriage / Wife / Spouse / Partner Married. See above for relationship details.

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  1. I’m Melinda Cheek from Louisiana. Just wanted to say my husband & I have been watching you on TBN. You have made such a big difference in our life. If you are ever on tour around or area, we would love to meet you

    God bless you! Thank you for making a difference in our life

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