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Bhaiyyu Maharaj【 Daughter 】Wiki Bio, Wife, Age, Marriage, Suicide

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Name Bhaiyyu Maharaj (Also known as : Bhaiyyu Ji Maharaj / Yuva Rashtra Sant)

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB 29 April 1968. On 12th June 2018, he passed away at age 50. His suicide came a few months after his 50th birthday.

Biography Profile / Bhaiyyu Maharaj Wikipedia Information

Introduction :

  • Bhaiyyuji Maharaj was a reforming activist and a social spiritual leader who had a lot of followers, mainly from the political arena.

Personal Life, Parents and Family Details :

  • Born with the real name Udai Singh Deshmukh in Sahajpur, MP. Caste – Maratha
  • His first wife Madhavi Devi had passed away in Nov 2015, due to a heart attack. He had a daughter from his first marriage, who studied in Pune.
  • In 2017, he had his second marriage to Dr Ayushi Sharma, a native of Shivpuri. This news received a lot of media attention.
  • Bhaiyyuji was a lover of sports – He loved to play tennis and cricket. He had also participated in swimming competitions & was also a music lover.
  • He often practised sword fighting training & horse riding in his free time.

Work, Business, Career and Net Worth :

  • Bhaiyyu ji started his career at a regular job at private firm. But he quickly moved away from it.
  • He had also done modeling for a few brands such as Siyaram in his early days. Later, leaving the field of modeling he started a spiritual trust. His ‘ashram’ and trust were based in Indore.
  • His trust did many philantrophic activities like giving scholarships to poor students, distributing free seeds for farmers, arranging group weddings etc.
  • Many political leaders from Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh were amongst his close friends and followers.
  • He was also credited for helping break Anna Hazare’s fast against corruption, back in 2011 and arranging the Maratha Kranti Morcha in Aurangabad in August 2016.

Death & Suicide :

  • Bhaiyyu Maharaj committed suicide in June 2018 in Indore, by using a gun to shoot himself.
  • The suicide note found said that Bhaiyyuji was “too stressed & fedup” and “somebody should take care of his family”.
Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Second Wife Was married Twice. Check the full bio for relationship details.

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