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Dorothy Breininger Age, Husband, Weight loss【 Wikipedia 】Net worth

Dorothy Breininger Images
Personal Details Summary
Name Dorothy Breininger
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB April 28, 1963. As of 2024, she is around 61 years old.
Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Spouse / Partner Check the full bio for relationship details.
Children / No. of Kids None
Ethnicity / Origin / Heritage / Race White
Nationality American
How did Dorothy Breininger lose weight? In the past, Dorothy Breininger weighed over 200 pounds. A 12-step program for overeating helped her lose about 75 pounds.
Wiki Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • Dorothy Breininger is popular for a multitude of activities. However, she is best known as the professional, expert organizer on A&E Television’s Emmy-Nominated TV series, Hoarders. Dorothy has been with the series, ever since it first launched.
  • Besides Hoarders, Dorothy has featured on the Today Show, Dr. Phil Show, QVC, and PBS. That doesn’t end her long list of media presence as she has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, Women’s Day, Better Homes & Gardens, and the Christian Science Monitor.
  • Dorothy calls herself America’s Most Innovative Professional Organizer. As such, wearing many hats comes easily to her as she juggles her numerous passions such as author, motivational speaker, and life coach.
  • In her book for busy mothers, Breininger partnered with other busy mothers and together they offered life lessons that were successful for them. The book proved to be a source of encouragement so that busy mothers would be able to create a greater balance between quality of life and family.

Personal Life : Parents, Family and Education

  • Little is known about Dorothy’s family except that she is married to a man named Marty.
  • Dorothy was a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the year 1981 where she studied Business and Communication. She has been also a part of Northeastern University.

Work : Career, Salary and Net Worth

  • Dorothy has been part of multiple ventures such as Center for Organization where she is the owner and ‘DorothyTheOrganizer’ where she is the Founder.
  • Her venture serves many clients ranging from individuals like celebrities to institutions and big corporations. She has helped many entities such as Southern California Edison (SCE), and educational institutions like UCLA.
  • One of Dorothy’s defining literary works is the Chicken Soup for the Soul series book “Life Lessons for Busy Moms -7 Essential Ingredients to Organize and Balance Your World” that she co-authored with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.
  • Her latest outing in the world of writing is Stuff Your Face OR Face Your Stuff, which she released in 2013.
  • Other than this, Breininger has co-authored other books such as Time Efficiency Makeover, Cherished Memories – The Story of My Life, The Senior Organizer amongst others.
  • Dorothy produced and hosted a PBS television pledge special, and the award-winning documentary “Saving Our Parents.”
  • A high-energy, sought-after national speaker, Dorothy inspires her audiences to produce results and take immediate action.
  • She is the 2005 United States Small Business Association Award Winner and a three-time recipient of NAPO’s 2008 “Most Innovative Organizer Award.”

Interesting Facts, Height and Trivia :

  • Dorothy is a member & lecturer for the Institute for Challenging Disorganization.
  • She has also been on the Board of directors for NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers)
  • Dorothy’s specialties include providing services relating to Organizing, Time Management, Hoarding, Social Networking, Marketing, and Success Coaching.
  • Over the years, Dorothy has witnessed pretty intense hoarding behaviors such as someone holding onto 120 bottles of urine stashed in a bathroom, or a case where a guy refuses to cash his $20,000 check.
  • How tall is Dorothy Breininger Height : She is quite petite, standing at only 5 ft tall.

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  1. Dear Dorothy,


    I’ve watched Hoarders for many many years. Before I lost my husband of 35 years, and ever since. Is there any way I can write to you? An actual letter, stamp, envelope, or actual paper? I am technologically challenged and an avid letter writer. Do you have a snail mail address? I really NEED to communicate with you. Can you or someone help me with that? Please…

    Sincerely, and respectfully,
    Ms. Lou Marks

  2. Dorothy seems to be a genuine caring loving understanding person. I am watching her now and she is always full of hugs, kind gestures and good advice.

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