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Dr. Sue Morter Wikipedia【 Age 】Date of birth, Married Wife, Family, Bio

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Name Dr. Sue Morter

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Wiki Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • Dr. Sue Morter is a renowned public speaker on a global scale, an expert in bio-energetic healing, and a visionary in the field of quantum physics. Through her work, Dr. Sue helps people unleash their full potential by embodying high-frequency energetic patterns.
  • By exploring the connections between quantum physics and energy medicine, Dr. Sue sheds light on how to raise human consciousness and master life. She shares her insights through workshops, retreats, and speeches.
  • The Morter Institute of Bioenergetics, founded by Dr. Sue in 1987, is a leading center for global learning on health and healing. The institute provides extensive education on bioenergetic principles to help individuals improve their well-being.
  • As a member of human services and professional licensing boards, Dr. Sue Morter has received international recognition for her achievements in transformational leadership. She has been featured in documentaries such as The Cure Is…, Opus, Find the Gift, and Femme, and has been published in various journals.

Personal Life, Parents and Family Detais :

  • Little is known about Dr. Sue Morter’s personal life, including her family, except for the fact that her mother was Marjorie Ruth Kibler, and her father was M.T. Morter, Jr. Unfortunately, her father passed away on May 23, 2013.
  • Dr. Sue’s paternal grandfather was Milton Theodore Morter, while her maternal grandmother was Grace Evelyn Morter.
  • She has two brothers named Tom Morter and Ted Morter III. Additionally, she has several stepbrothers, including Colette Sookma, Fenny Smith, Ky Crump, and Patrick Smith.
  • Elisa Zinberg, who is married to Dr. Sue, is a lawyer by profession.

Education : Qualifications, High School & College Info

  • From 1983 to 1986, Dr. Sue attended Logan College of Chiropractic for her DC.

Work, Career, Salary and Net Worth :

  • Since 1987, Dr. Sue Morter has held the positions of president and chief executive officer of the Indianapolis-based Morter Institute. She founded the Morter Institute, a visionary organization dedicated to teaching people self-healing methods and a novel way of living based on quantum physics, the enlightenment of consciousness, and life mastery.
  • She also established Soulful Science Productions, a film company that assists children with autism and other disabilities through guided affirmations and meditation.
  • She draws on her more than 30 years of medical experience, a profound awakening while meditating, and her passion for unlocking life’s mysteries. Sharing her breakthroughs with others gives her the most joy.
  • Dr. Sue is the originator and author of The Energy Codes®, a collection of books on spiritual and personal development that is taught worldwide. Her Energy Codes coursework programs and seminars provide step-by-step education to those who are ready to engage in change and healing.
  • Dr. Sue co-created the Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique and the Body awake® RYT 200 Certification Yoga Program (BEST). She has served on professional licensing boards, advising healthcare professionals on integrative leadership strategies.
  • Also, Dr. Sue is also an adjunct professor at two med colleges at Michigan State University, which is among the top 100 universities in the world according to the AAU.
  • Dr. Sue co-hosts the lifestyle training program Your Year of Miracles and hosts Gaia TV’s Healing Matrix.
  • Through her three separate schools – the School for Energy Medicine, the School for BodyAwake® Yoga, and the School of Higher Consciousness & Personal Development, Dr. Sue offers individuals the opportunity to learn about and embody a joyous, inspired existence from their authentic, Soulful Self.
  • Moreover, Dr. Morter leads yoga, meditation, and self-healing retreats in Peru, Bali, the Mayan Riviera in Mexico, and around the US. She helps people retrain their brain, alter old memory patterns, and educate them on how to move beyond the brain for sustainable healing.

Interesting Facts, Height and Trivia :

  • Dr. Sue has gained recognition in various media outlets, including USA Today, LA Times, and Amazon.
  • In 2019, Simon & Schuster published Dr. Sue’s national best-selling book, The Energy Codes: A 7-Step Method to Heal Your Body, Awaken Your Spirit, and Live Your Best Life. The book provides practical techniques to awaken the body’s dormant potential, neurocircuitry, and transform one’s life based on principles from neurobiology, energy medicine, and quantum physics.
  • Dr. Sue’s innovative model and methods focus on recording and strengthening high-frequency energy pathways in the body to inspire a new way of living with a creative mind and personal freedom. Drawing on her over 30 years of medical practice, her profound enlightenment while meditating, and her passion for unlocking the mysteries of life, Dr. Sue finds the most satisfaction in sharing her knowledge with others
  • In a YouTube interview with Guy Lawrence in February 2022, titled “Change Your Energy, Change Your Life,” Dr. Sue discussed the significance of stress in life, how to find one’s true self, why it is scary to do so, and the purpose of our existence. She shared her intuitive decision-making process and how others can use the same method. According to Dr. Sue, the foundation of our authentic selves is peace, creativity, devotion, harmony, love, and connectivity.
  • Dr. Sue has E-RYT 200 & E-RYT 500 certifications in yoga training. The Transformative Leadership Council has awarded to her for her excellent accomplishments.
  • Speaking on ‘user-friendly’ bioenergetics, quantum science, natural healing, and human potential, Dr. Sue Morter travels the world. She connects these realms by appealing to our senses, “gut sentiments,” and fundamental human nature.
  • According to Dr. Sue, we are multidimensional beings with more to us than what the sight or mind can see. The relationship between the subconscious and conscious minds and how they relate to stress and anxiety versus success and triumph is a topic that Dr. Sue explores while talking about energy centers in the body.
  • In a YouTube collaboration (March 2022) with Gregg Braden titled Dr. Sue Morter’s Approach to Science & Spirituality… Who AM I? Where AM I? Dr. Morter spoke about her experience of waking and educating the public on the issues that everyone faces daily.

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