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Annie Karni Wikipedia, POLITICO, Age, Biography, Wedding, Bio, Trump

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Name Annie Karni

Birthday / Date of Birth / How old is Annie Karni Age Born in 1983. As of 2020, she is around 37 years old.

Bio Profile / Wiki Information

Introduction :

  • Annie Karni is a reporter for POLITICO specialising in political stories. She is a member of the White House Press Corps.

Early Life, Education & Family Details :

  • Annie is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and was born in 1983.
  • She attended the Park School of Baltimore and graduated from Haverford College with a Bachelor of Arts in English in 2004. She was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa society.
  • She admitted to being single on purpose for most of her 20s, as she enjoyed the freedom of being single.
  • She was born to parents – Barbara S. Karni (mother) and Edi Karni (father).
  • Edi is an economics professor at Johns Hopkins University and originally is from Israel. Her mother Barbara worked as a freelance editor.
  • She has a sister, Anat Karni. Anat is married to Kodi Sudri & is now based in Israel.
  • Annie married Ted Mann on August 8, 2015, at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple. Her childhood friend, Ryan Downer, who became a Universal Life minister officiated the occasion.
  • The couple went to Costa Rica for their honeymoon.

Salary, Career & Professional Life :

  • Annie kicked off her career with New York Sun as a reporter in 2005. There she mainly covered stories on transportation and higher education. She stayed there until 2007.
  • After a year-long hiatus, Annie started reporting for the New York Post, writing for the Sunday edition on local news.
  • Annie joined the Crain’s New York Business after almost 5 years with New York Post. There she was a reporter focusing on economic and political news.
  • She became a political reporter for the New York Daily News in 2013 & covered the Mayor de Blasio’s administration.
  • After nearly 2 years, she moved to her current position in POLITICO, where she was most noted for her coverage on Hilary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential campaign.

Trivia, Quirks, Height & Interesting Facts :

  • Hilary Clinton allegedly recognises Annie as she asked Jennifer Palmieri, her communications director if she had gotten a haircut.
  • Karni admits that she sometimes hated herself for being a woman, who doesn’t get a good night’s sleep because she knows that she is in for a nasty morning. She imagines that a guy would not care about such issues, and in fact, may actually enjoy it.
  • She used to takes power-yoga classes in Des Moines & boxing classes in the suburbs of Las Vegas to keep her energy levels up.
  • Her ex-colleagues at New York Daily News made her a couple of front pages to commemorate her time there. One read “Weiner Con Karni: Dimples legs Post to advise Lil’ Tony” and a picture of her face photo shopped beside Anthony Weiner. The other read Ready for Hillary: Karni pants-suiting up for 2016 trail, and a picture of Hilary sending a text to Annie which read, Annie, make sure you delete this…
Marital Status / Husband / Marriage & Wedding / Spouse Married. See above for details.

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  1. Happened to find an article “White House Memo: Trump Follows Familiar Playbook When Confronted by a Loss: Distract and Digress”

    Not in the thick of things like yourself, but what percentage of politicians do not resort to the ‘distract and digress’ tactic when confronted by a similar situation? That seems like a tactic I’ve seen by nearly every manager / supervisor I’ve worked with.

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