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Eliana Johnson Politico :: Wiki, Age, Bio, Married, Husband, Nationality

Name Eliana Johnson

Birthday / Date of Birth / How old is Eliana Johnson Age Born in 1984. As of 2020, she is around 36 years old.

Biography Profile / Wikipedia Information

Introduction :

Eliana Johnson is a National Political Reporter for POLITICO, an American political-journalism publication.

Early Life, Education & Family Details :

  • Eliana Yael Johnson hails from Minnesota, specifically the Twin Cities area. She was born in 1984 and is currently based in Washington, D.C.
  • Parents – Ms. Johnson is the daughter of Scott W. Johnson, a Minneapolis attorney and one of three founders of the PowerLine blog.
  • Her mother is Sally Zusman, and she also has two sisters, Deborah Johnson and Alexandra Johnson. Sally is a great chef, creating dishes that are on par with fine dining restaurants. Eliana’s sister, Deborah is a violinist.
  • Eliana graduated from Yale University in 2006, holding a degree in history. During her university years, she attended many Young Americans Foundation (YAF) conferences.
  • She was also the founder of a blog called Yale Diva, a blog covering political happenings.

Salary, Career & Professional Life :

  • After graduation, Eliana worked briefly with the New York Sun as a Staff Reporter.
  • Later, she became a Research Associate with the Council on Foreign Relations for nearly 2 years.
  • She left the post in 2008 to join Fox News Channel as a Writer. While she was there, she also produced a political interview segment hosted by Sean Hannity, called Hannity. Later, she was promoted to be the Producer for Fox.
  • Shortly after the promotion, Eliana worked for Edelman, a public relations firm based in Chicago. She held the post of Manager of Media and Presentation Training for 1 year.
  • The National Review as a Media Editor then employed Johnson, where she gained much popularity. She was later promoted to Washington Editor.
  • She was the lead reporter for the National Review during the 2016 Presidential elections.
  • After 2 years with the National Review, POLITICO, who claimed that they have been trying to hire her for years, finally succeeded in doing so.
  • Throughout her career, she has made numerous guest appearances on major outlets like Fox News, MSNBC and CNN.

Trivia, Height & Interesting Facts :

  • Eliana revealed that one of the most interesting events when she was reporting for The New York Sun, was in October 2006, when Columbia University invited Minuteman Project (an activist group founded in 2004 to monitor the Mexican border) to speak on campus.
  • Jim Gilchrist, the founder of the group was giving a speech when a group of students stormed the stage, forcing him to retreat backstage. The news garnered national attention.
  • In an interview with Yale Daily News, she revealed that she was unsure of her career path post-graduation. She only discovered her true passion in print reporting when she was working at the National Review.

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Marital Status / Husband / Married / Spouse No confirmed information available.

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  1. Eliana Johnson just said on Meet the Press
    that the Republicans have no agenda in
    2018. Do tell Ms Johnson….what is the Democrat
    agenda beyond obstruction, collusion
    and excuses for HRC? I’ve been waiting
    for the past 16 months to find out.
    When I go to the polls in Nov., I’ll be
    grateful for the “crumbs” by the GOP!
    Maybe you should visit the heartland

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