Name Daniel Dale

Date of Birth / Birthday / Age / DOB Born in 1986. His age as of 2019 is around 33 years.

Information / Biography Profile

Introduction :

  • One of Canada’s leading young journalists, Daniel Dale is an award winning reporter for the Toronto Star.

  • Daniel Dale is a winner of many prestigious awards & several endorsements from his colleagues and from highly skilled journalists & news writers.
  • He twice won the prestigious Edward Goff Penny Award & his career has even taken him from his home town to the US to serve as the Washington Correspondent.

Education & College :

  • Daniel studied at York University’s Schulich School of Business in Toronto from 2003 to 2008 & graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration.
  • He interned at Toronto Star in Summer 2007.

Profession, Salary & Career :

  • Fresh out of university, Daniel landed a job as City Reporter for The Toronto Star, Canada’s leading online news network.
  • Beginning in September 2008, he covered news stories in Toronto & wrote feature articles.
  • In December 2010, Daniel took the next step in his career and became the City Hall Reporter and covered Rob Ford’s term as Mayor of Toronto.
  • Around February 2013 he also took on the job of Acting Bureau Chief of the Toronto Star.
  • In January 2015 Daniel left Toronto & became the Washington Correspondent for the Toronto Star.
  • He now reports on news in the Washington area & covers US political stories.
  • While covering the 2016 presidential elections & pre-election campaigns, he has attended Trump rallies & interviewed many of Trumps Supporters.

Political Experience & Life as a Journalist :

  • Daniel told Toronto Life that his experience covering Rob Ford’s term had made him more prepared to take the Trump campaign seriously, even in the early stages.
  • He commented on the similarity between the devotion of Trump supporters to Ford’s backers as well as events which parallelled developments in the Canadian campaign.
  • Funnily, Daniel described Donald Trump’s hair as ”a flowey inescapable flouf of tousled blondness”.

Awards & Achievements :

  • At the age of 24, Daniel was awarded his first Edward Goff Penny Award for ‘Young Canadian Journalists’ in the 25,000 circulation category in March 2010.
  • In 2011, he won the award again, this time for his report on a 4-year project by former Mayor David Miller, to convert 13 of Toronto’s poorest areas into prospering communities.

Controversy & Scandal :

  • In December 2013, in an interview with Conrad Black, Rob Ford made some implications that Daniel was a pedophile and stated that the reporter had been taking photos of his young children in the back garden of their home in Etobicoke in May 2012.
  • Daniel was quick to take action and issued a legal notice against the politician.
  • He reportedly intended to take Ford to court if he didn’t receive a full apology.
  • Initially Ford refused to apologize, but later issued an apology which was rejected by Daniel.
  • His second apology via an open letter was accepted and Daniel dropped the lawsuit.
Wedding & Marriage / Wife / Spouse / Partner / Dating No confirmed information available.