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Maya Wiley Husband, Married, Partner, Family, Daughters, Age【 Bio 】

Maya Wiley Hair Height
Personal Details Summary
Name Maya Wiley
Sister Not Known
Mother / Mom Wretha Frances
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB January 2, 1964. As of 2022, she is around 58 years old.
Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Engaged / Spouse Married. See below for relationship details.
Who is Maya Wiley’s father? George Wiley
Children / No. of Kids 2
Ethnicity / Origin / Heritage / Race Black
Nationality American
Wiki Biography / Profile Information

Introduction :

Maya Wiley is an American lawyer, professor, and civil-rights activist. World-renowned for her work on racial equity, she became more well-known when she joined MSNBC as a legal analyst.

Personal Life & Family Relationships :

  • Maya Wiley was born in 1964 in Washington, DC. She is one of two children born to parents Wretha and George Wiley.
  • Coming from a family of fighters, Maya’s father George was a legendary black civil rights leader, while her mother Wretha was a white woman who served on her college’s debate team and strongly supported racial justice.
  • Now residing in Brooklyn, New York, Maya lives with her long-time partner, Harlan Mandel. Harlan is the CEO of Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) & has been a global investor in numerous independent media companies.
  • The couple has two daughters, Naja and Kai. As of 2020, both the daughters are in their teens. The family also have their pet cats, Romeo and Maxie.

Early Life & Education :

  • From the age of 2 till she was ten years old, Maya grew up in a low income, all-black neighborhood.
  • Although her family was middle class, her parents wanted to experience firsthand the structural racism they were fighting against — and they did.
  • Although she was at the top of her class at the inner-city public school, Maya was held two grades behind!
  • In 4th grade, her parents transferred her into a private school.
  • In 1986, Maya graduated from Dartmouth University with a degree in Psychology. Heavily involved in extracurriculars, she worked on a project for the divestment of South Africa, was a member of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority, and was the career services liaison for the Afro-American Society Gospel Choir.
  • Maya went on to earn her Juris Doctorate from Columbia University in 1989. While there, she was the executive editor of the Columbia Human Rights Law Review; the president of the Black Law Student Association; a volunteer at the AIDS Discrimination Law Clinic; a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar; the recipient of the Jane Marks Murphy Prize in clinical advocacy; and a Paul Robeson Fellow and Charles Evan Hughes Fellow.

Career, Job, Salary & Net worth :

  • Over the course of her professional life, Maya has held numerous positions fighting for racial equity. During the 1990s, she worked for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and the US programs at the Open Society Institute.
  • In 2002, Maya founded the Center for Social Inclusion and served as president for over a decade.
  • Later in the 2000s, she served as counselor to NYC Mayor, Bill de Blasi, and chair of the board for the NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board — an independent police oversight agency.
  • As of 2020, she works as the Senior Vice President for Social Justice at The New School in NYC, and as a professor at the college’s Milano School of International Affairs, Management and Urban Policy.
  • In 2018, Wiley joined NBC News and MSNBC as a legal analyst, where she continues to work to date.

Fun Facts, Awards & Trivia :

  • Maya is not the first in her family to attend an Ivy League school – her dad George received his doctorate in chemistry from Cornell University.
  • In 1973, George tragically drowned after falling overboard while sailing. Adding to the tragedy, Maya and Daniel were onboard and tried to throw him a line.
  • Maya’s earliest memory of a career aspiration was to become a judge.
  • In 2014 and 2015, City and State Magazine named Maya one of the “Most Powerful People in NYC.”
  • In 2016, the magazine Good Housekeeping named her ‘One of 50 Over 50’ lists.
Body Info / Physical Features

Maya Wiley Measurements :

  • Eye Color : Brown
  • Haircut / Hair Color : Black
  • How tall is Maya Wiley Height : 5’ 9”
  • Feet / Legs / Boots / Shoe Size : No confirmed information available.
  • Pregnant ? : Currently, she is not expecting a baby.

19 thoughts on “Maya Wiley Husband, Married, Partner, Family, Daughters, Age【 Bio 】”

  1. Maya makes Tv presentations look and sound something to involve one’s self in. I enjoy every moment of her TV time. She is always pleasant and relaxed…comfortable in herself without putting on for a show. Love you Maya Whitley!

  2. Maya Wiley combines natural beauty and innate intelligence in a quite remarkable way. I always look forward to hearing her perceptive analyses on MSNBC.

  3. Dr. John Demarais,

    I was just recently introduced to Maya through her continuing appearances as a consultant on MSNBC. I find her to be a stunning woman not only in her physical appearance, but also in her intelligence, both of which evoke an image of a very strong woman.

    I am a retired Doctor of Dental Surgery, and as such I could not avoid noting her teeth. When she smiles a full smile she shows her upper teeth which appear to be in beautiful health and alignment. However, it was about 3-4 times on the program before she actually smiled that “full” smile. On previous appearances she only showed her lower teeth which are very crowded and in mal-occlusion. This not only detracts from her otherwise beautiful presence, but it also is a contributing factor to her speaking with a “lisp”.

    Considering her increasing public presence, I cannot understand why she has not had orthodontic correction performed by now. I fully realize that “beauty is only skin deep”, but in her case orthodontic treatment could improve her speech defect and her chewing function, as well as her existing “half-beautiful” smile. Successful orthodontic treatment can be performed on adults even much older than Maya. I am not an orthodontist, but I know she could find a very good one in her area of residence if she sought recommendations from knowledgeable and respected sources.

    I respect and admire you very much, Maya, especially for your work on human rights and the common good of all peoples.

  4. I truly believe Maya Wiley should and could be appointed Attorney General providing the Presidency is won by a Democrate, she would be an excellent choice, a person of integrity, explains everything in detail using everyday language so that it’s understandable to others than people with law degrees.

  5. Ms. Wiley is so impressive; I hope the New Democratic administration in 2020 finds a place for her should she want one. She’s smart, informed
    and has vision.

    I look forward to what Maya does in the future.

  6. I am so impressed by Maya’s credentials, accomplishments and perspectives. I really love watching her on CNN and MSNBC. She always has appropriate input on relevant issues. A voice of Reason.

  7. First time I saw Maya I was overwhelmed. Her knowledge, demeanor and presentation were so simplistic and easy to understand. She is truly a woman of education and simplicity. Her presentation to others is inspirational and meaningful. She is by far a woman who should be seen on a daily basis for all to see.

  8. I love me some Hallie Jackson. Watch her at 10am daily, and at other times whenever she subs for others. Great work Hallie. Keep it up and Happy New Year.

  9. I’m so impressed with Maya Wiley, her legal knowledge and her thoughtful, balanced approach to the issues she comments on while on TV. She is factual and non-alarmist in her approach. Quality all the way!

    1. Maya Wiley is beautiful. An Arican Queen. She is also extremely smart and well-spoken. I love seeing and listening to her on MSNBC.

    2. Miss Wiley, I see you on TV a lot so I thought I’d ask u, nothing beats a failure but a try. Right!!! Why is it ok for me to be pulled over 27 times in a six-yr period of time? The last one I was arrested for parking in a fire lane, only I was dropping off my granddaughters at the movies. Car running, foot on the brakes, and music playing is not parked. My paid for car was towed, I was denied a bond when cops who murder ppl. Sit in jail for 17 days. Upon my release, I couldn’t afford my car so they auctioned it off. The reason for my false arrest that night, I never heard one-word abt it. Never. I was denied counsel in open court, found guilty of a DUR, by an all. What jury. In my hands r official documentation from DMV and my insurance company proving I was innocent. The judge refused to accept them. I count so many constitutional violations I lost count. But what your website says is exactly what happened to me. NO ONE WILL TAKE THIS CLEARLY WON CASE. No court will allow me to fall a post-conviction relief petition. They r dismissed until I ran out of money. Plz, help me. I beg of you Mya. I have a granddaughter with that name spelt the same way.

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