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Jane Hamon Net worth 2024【 Age】Biography, Wiki, Married, Schedule

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Name Jane Hamon

Age / How old / Date of Birth / DOB She celebrates her birthday on November 22 every year.

Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Engaged / Spouse / Partner Married. Check the full bio for relationship details.

Wikipedia Bio / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • Jane Hamon is an American minister, apostle, pastor, public speaker, author, mother, wife, and grandmother. She maintains a legacy of proclaiming the Gospel of God.
  • Over her life, Jane has helped create a vibrant local church, traveled to more than 60 countries, and served to head Christian International Ministries, established by her husband’s father, the prophet Bill Hamon.

Personal Life, Parents and Family Details :

  • Jane Hamon celebrates her birthday on November 22.
  • Pastor Jane is the daughter of a meteorologist. She is a self-proclaimed Weather Channel enthusiast, a hobby travel agent, a Rice Krispies Treat connoisseur, and a firm believer in the notion that a hot bath will fix many of life’s troubles.
  • While visiting Christ For The Nations institute in Dallas, Texas, Pastor Tom Hamon and Jane managed to meet for the first time. They fell in love and both became die-hard Dallas Cowboys fans.
  • The Hamons relocated their small family to the gleaming beaches of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, in 1984 and have never looked back. After starting a church early in life, they took their three children, Crystal, Tiffany, and Jason, along for the ride!

Early Life and Education :

  • Jane had become a Christian at fourteen, and by age 17, she was studying at Bible College.

Church Work, Sermons, Earnings and Net Worth :

  • Jane & her husband, Tom, founded their first church when they were 19. They then began co-pastoring one of the nation’s most prominent prophetic churches, Vision Church, established by bishop and visionary, Bill Hamon. Vision Church, located in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, serves as the headquarter for Christian International, a global network of over 5,000 congregations working together to spread the Gospel.
  • Currently, Jane is a prominent leader at Christian International’s Vision Church in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.
  • Jane is the author of various books on Christian ideas, prophecy, and making a difference worldwide. Discernment, Declarations for Breakthrough, The Deborah Company, Dreams and Visions, and The Cyrus Decree are her five most prominent books.
  • Not only has Jane been interviewed by CBN seven times, but she has had the pleasure of co-hosting the program five times with her good friend, Gordon Robertson. She has been featured on various media outlets and shows – Cornerstone TV, GOD TV, Trinity Broadcasting Company, Today with Marilyn and Sarah, the Enlace Spanish TV network, the Miracle Channel throughout Canada, Joni Lamb’s show Joni Table Talk, and Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural.

World Traveler :

  • Jane has traveled extensively around the world, assisting in the establishment of Vision Church, Vision Outreach Ministries, and several affiliate partners, such as Mercy Multiplied. Mercy Multiplied is a nonprofit Christian organization dedicated to helping young women in breaking free from life-controlling behaviors like eating disorders, drug addiction, unwanted pregnancy, sexual abuse, depression, etc.
  • Jane visited Colombia in South America, in 1996 when the guerrillas were besieging cities. She flew into town since you couldn’t drive in. Her squad was the only foreigners in a region of 250,000 people since other outsiders had been abducted, or killed. The entire 10 days she spent there were extremely risky.
  • She has ministered in sixty-six countries – South Korea (over 30 times), the UK (over 20 times), New Zealand and Australia (15 times), and Norway (8 times)…these are among the locations she has visited the most frequently.
  • Many of Jane’s visits to South Korea occurred amid periods of high tension from North Korea, including missiles launched into the Japan Sea when she was there. She also visited Ukraine when Russia attempted to cross the border. When the war broke out, she planned a trip to Ukraine, but later canceled it because of the high risk. In these difficult situations, Jane has witnessed God and how he brings countless people back to life.
  • Jane adds that Latin America is seeing explosive church expansion. As per her, the truth of the Gospel is influencing nations in Asia. Even Europe & Scandinavia have regions of renewal that give many people hope. The Philippines is a fascinating nation in transition, having progressed from a third-world economy in the last two decades. Previously a predominantly Catholic country, it is swiftly transitioning into a society that accepts evangelical, spirit-filled ideals in the church and at many levels of government.

Interesting Facts, Height and Trivia :

  • In an interview (Dec 2019) with Lisa Marie Burwell at VIE Magazine, Jane stated that many Americans voted for Donald Trump because he was willing to stand up for ideas that were essential to them – the sanctity of life, religious liberty, limited government, and conservative values. Jane adds that in the years leading up to the Presidential election, many Christians felt isolated or discriminated against and faced hatred towards their faith. She encouraged her church members to vote in every election and evaluate not only the candidate but also the platform they’re running. Jane observes that we were not voting for a preacher but instead a president who would defend their beliefs and values to ensure that America remains a positive impact in the world.
  • The Christian International School of Theology has bestowed honorary Doctorates of Divinity on Jane.
  • She teaches at Bible institutions and colleges all around the world. Jane uses her complementary qualities and abilities to help God’s people accomplish their destiny by providing practical insight, spiritual revelation, and inspiration. Her goal is to see individuals awaken to God’s grandiose plans for their lives and to assist the church in awakening to its ultimate purposes by hearing God’s voice, grasping His principles, and transforming the world around them.
  • According to her official profile, Jane enjoys seeing healthy, strong families work with their responsibilities. Her favorite pastime is spending quality time with her family. She has established her home along the sugar-white sands of Florida’s Emerald Coast, surrounded by loving family, an inspiring church, and terrific friends. She is the proud mother of three daughters and a loving grandma to her grandchildren.
  • Jane is happy to see what is going on with cultural influencers, such as rapper Kanye West & Justin Bieber, declaring the Lord’s Gospel! She prays for them to be strong in the faith, hears God’s voice, and be surrounded by individuals who will encourage them as they bloom in Christ. Jane praises them for using their celebrity to communicate that Lord has personally impacted their lives in profound ways, in the hope that their tales may also enhance others. Some of history’s most significant awakenings or revivals have occurred beyond the traditional church’s walls. Jane Hamon views this as the start of a new great awakening!
  • Jane feels that revival is on its way to the USA, particularly in these difficult times! It is starting to wake up families, churches, and society to fulfill the country’s full potential.

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