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Ashley Broad Net Worth, Family, Age, Wiki, Married【 Hardcore Pawn 】

Ashley Broad Hardcore Pawn
Name Ashley Broad (Also known as : Ashley Gold)

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB January 7, 1978. As of 2022, she is around 44 years old.

Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Spouse / Partner / Boyfriend Married. See below for relationship details.

Wikipedia Biography / Profile Information

Introduction :

Ashley Broad is an American reality star, producer, and businesswoman, most famous for her appearances on the show “Hardcore Pawn,” which was broadcasted on TruTV.

Personal Life : Parents, Family and Education

  • Ashley was born in Michigan in 1978. She has lived there her whole life & loves the city of Detroit.
  • Her father is Leslie ‘Les’ Gold, an experienced pawnbroker, author, and reality star. Her mother’s name is Lili Gold.
  • Ashley is a third-generation pawnbroker in her family. She has a brother named Seth Gold, who is into the same business.
  • She studied at the Michigan State University, where she got a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She also has a diamond certification from the Gemological Institute of America.

Personal Relationships :

  • Ashley got married to Jordan Broad in 2003. The couple has two children. Not many details are available about her family, neither are there many pictures of them, even on Ashley’s social networks.

Reality TV Career, Salary & Net worth :

  • From 2010 to 2015, she was part of the cast of the famous reality show “Hardcore Pawn” on “TruTV.” Ashley and the Gold family had a crucial role in the show, as it focused on the operations of American Jewelry and Loan, their family-owned store.
  • On the show, she had a notorious recurring rivalry with her brother Seth, a common plot in many episodes.
  • Ashley emphasizes that the situations and customers that were in the reality show were totally authentic. However, many people think they were just invented to increase the ratings & to create sensational situations.

Jewelry Business :

  • In 2015, she created her own website (AshleyGold (dot) com), where she sells jewelry products.
  • After the website was launched, she stopped working on TV and seems to spend more time to share with her husband and her children.
  • For promotion, Broad often employs famous celebs who then wear it on their TV shows, so people know what the business is all about.

Fun Facts, Height & Other Trivia :

  • Ashley is 5’ 2” (1,57 m) and has dark hair and dark brown eyes.
  • When she is not working, she enjoys playing tennis, reading, doing spinning, or simply working out.
  • She says that exercise really relaxes her, but the thing that she most enjoys is spending time with her family.
  • Ashley mentions that she has never felt less than a man though she worked in a traditionally male-driven business. Ashley mentions that while growing up, her home atmosphere was a “controlled chaos” (pawn store business is not easy, and sometimes could be dangerous).
  • She has a Twitter account in which she shares information about her website for jewelry shopping.
  • Her father Les describes her as stubborn and tough. Working in a pawnshop has given her experience to deal with employees who do not behave themselves and also to tackle manipulative customers.

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  1. Michael James Cortellessa

    I watch the show, or should I say watched the show…though it was a cool show, after watching the show for a while it makes me sick. Ashly is a bi*c*!!! Just looking at her that’s all I ee…Seth too is the biggest jackass there! He thinks he knows it all and knows everything. I know it’s a show but they are sickening. I think Ashly would be a better person if she is not around Seth…he has no hope. How can you burn people and then say you treat them with respect and give the best price? You guys burn people and then make 3 times the money…it makes me sick!

    1. I agree Ashley is a total bitch! But that is the way pawn shops work, if you want something cheap you don’t go there! That’s the way they make money! Have a good day!

      1. Ashley is very cute to me, and she holds her stand. I applaud her efforts in trying to defend herself from her A***hole brother. If she was not married, I would take her away and start giving her the true respect and love she deserves.

    2. Nancy La Forme Hasson

      Ashley’s voice goes right through me like nails on a blackboard. She screams and you can’t get a word in…cannot stand this woman! Can’t call her a lady she’s far from that.

      Seth is very smart and has some good ideas for the store BUT he really needs to grow up. Les is cool he has a decent heart and more people would get help if they were nicer to him. Yes, Les has a good heart too…love him.

    3. Floyd William Robinson


      I love you and your Dad and Seth and I wish you and your husband the best of health and sucess.

    4. Am a huge fan of your show some of your episodes are very emotional but are true I would love a shirt sent to me am in Canada hopefully all is well and stay safe Brian urbach

    5. Hi Les,

      Ashley and Seth, I love watching your tv programme and would love to meet you guys in person when I come to America in 2021 would it be possible to meet you guys and come visit your shop to buy something I’m from Birmingham England and I would love all of your autographs on my photo with you all so I can frame it and put it on my wall at home.

      With love from Kerry Smith

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