Name / नाव Raja Ranichi Ga Jodi (आनंदी हे जग सारे)

Show Time Monday to Saturday 7:00 PM

Actors / Star & Show Cast /कलाकार
  • Radha Dharane – Anandi (राधा धारणे – आनंदी)
  • Rujuta Deshmukh – Madhura Bhagwat (रुजुता देशमुख – मधुरा भागवत)
  • Astad Kale – Aniruddha Bhagwat (अस्ताद काळे – अनिरुद्ध भागवत)
  • Sharvari Kulkarni – Meera (शेरवारी कुलकर्णी – मीरा)
  • Sangram Samel – Kabir (संग्राम समेल – कबीर)
  • Leena Bhagwat – Kumud (लीना भागवत – कुमुद)
  • Shailesh Dattar – Niranjan (शैलेश दत्तार – निरंजन)
  • Shilpa Navalkar – Gayatri (शिल्पा नवलकर – गायत्री)

Genre Family (कौटुंबिक)

Story कथा माहिती / Wikipedia Information

‘Anandi He Jag Saare’ revolves around a special child, Anandi Bhagwat, who is suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Her parents, Madhura and Aniruddha, come to know of this condition after several medical tests.

Despite suffering from ASD, Anandi has a sharp Photogenic memory and is good at mathematical calculations. Her dad, Aniruddha is a lawyer by profession and Meera (Madhura’s sister) is an assistant in his office. Madhura can’t leave Anandi alone since they found out that Anandi is an autistic child. Even Anandi behaves differently when her mother is not nearby.

Kumud (Anandi’s grandmother) always tried to pressure Madhura for having a second child. Aniruddha, on the other hand, is quite adamant about his decision for not having a second child.

Aniruddha and Madhura also start saving money for treatment in Australia for their daughter. The only criteria to get admission for this treatment program is to submit a progress card. This progress card is filled up & followed by Anandi’s school teacher Kabir.

The story focusing on Anandi and her family shows us the various challenges mixed with positive moments that one can experience while raising a special kid.

Channel Sony Marathi (सोनी मराठी)

TRP Ratings Superhit (सूपरहिट)

Title Song / Title Track Click here to listen / क्लिक करून ऐका

Episodes Running Since First Episode : 9 th December 2019


Story & Director : Vitthal Dakave (विठ्ठल डाकावे)
Producer : Mahesh Tangde and Jitendra Gupta (महेश तांगडे आणि जितेंद्र गुप्ता)
Production House : Tell A Tel Media Pvt Ltd