Name / नाव Swarajya Janani Jijamata | स्वराज्यजननी जिजामाता

Show Time Monday to Saturday at 8:30 PM

Actors / Star & Show Cast / कलाकार
  • Amruta Pawar – Jijamata (अमृता पवार)
  • Nishtha Vaidya – Young Jijamata (निष्ठा वैद्य)
  • Swapnali Patil – Mhalasabai (स्वप्नाली पाटील)
  • Sneha Mangal – Bhagirathibai (स्नेहा मंगल)
  • Akshata Naik – Yamunabai (अक्षता नाईक)
  • Amod Jande – Jagdevrao Jadhav (आमोद जंडे)
  • Akshay Mudawadkar (अक्षय मुदावदकर)

Genre Historical War Drama (ऐतिहासिक युद्ध नाटक)

Storyline / Wiki

‘Swarajya Janani Jijamata’ is the story of Jijamata, mother of Maharashtra’s favourite idol – Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. It showcases Jijamata’s personal life since a young age and the turbulent times she grew up in. The viewers will get to see the strengths & qualities of the brave mother of Shivaji Maharaj.

While we’ve been watching the stories of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj & Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj on TV since some time now, for the first time in history their stories will be retold through a brand-new perspective by their brave mother, Jijamata.

In this series, the life of Rani Jijamata will be unfolded on the small screen by actress Amruta Pawar, who has given a truly brilliant performance. It will be the second historical show from Jagdamab Creations after their first successful serial Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji.

The creator, protector and the mighty king of the Maratha empire Shivba, was the son of Jijamata who moulded him as a brave king. The bravado of Shivaji Maharaj & and the teachings of Jijamata are always spoken of within the same breath.

The transformation of the young Shivba to Chhatrapati Shivaji, was largely made possible by Jijabai and on account of this historic show, Sony Marathi salutes the brave gallantry of this mother.

The popular lyricist Mandar Cholkar and music composer Satyajeet Ranade created the opening track.

‘Swarajya Janani Jijamata’ replaced the successful-running show Ti Phulrani for the 8:30 PM spot

Channel Sony Marathi (सोनी मराठी)

TRP Ratings Superhit (सूपरहिट)

Title Song / Title Track Click here to listen / क्लिक करून ऐका

Episodes Running Since First Episode : – 19th August 2019


Story & Director : Ajay Kurne & Vivek Deshpande (अजय कुरणे & विवेक देशपांडे)
Producer : Dr. Amol Kolhe, Vilas Sawant & Ghanshyam Rao (अमोल कोल्हे, विलास सावंत आणि घनश्याम राव)
Production House : Jagdamb Creations