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Oon Paus Actress, Star Cast, Title Song, Track, Story

oon paus zee marathi
Name / नाव Oon Paus | उन पाऊस

Also known as Un Paaus

Actor & Actress / Star Cast & Show / कलाकार Channel Zee Marathi (झी मराठी)

TRP Ratings Hit (हिट)

Episodes Running Dates Episode 1 : 2005 – 2007

Genre Family (कौटुंबिक)

Crew : Director / Lyrics

Producer : Smita Talwalkar

Story / Wiki

Rakesh and Sagar are paternal cousins (chulat bhau) and go to the same college. They hail from the rich Sardesai family, which is headed by Aji (Smita Talwalkar) and her sons Prabhakar and Divakar.

Rakesh is in love with Mukta, a simple girl from their college. On the other hand, Sagar is a spoilt, brash, and non-caring, macho guy. Due to an argument, Mukta and Sagar have a cold war and this escalates into a horrific incident – Sagar raping Mukta.

Later on, Sagar is torn by guilt and by his crime. Without admitting his crime, he tries to console Mukta, and later on, he also marries her.

Mukta starts leading a seemingly normal life, but she cannot get close to Sagar due to her memories of the horrible incident. Sagar is patient and understanding but is in constant fear of Mukta discovering the truth.

The story of Oon Paus unfolds as Sagar and Mukta both try to battle their past and lead a normal life as a married couple. Oon Paus marked the beginning of careers of actors Aniket Vishwasrao and Abhijit Kelkar.

17 thoughts on “Oon Paus Actress, Star Cast, Title Song, Track, Story”

  1. I cannot believe people are still falling for this serial. The idea of a victim marrying her abuser unknowingly and him expecting to be forgiven for it is simply disturbing. It normalizes s*xual assault and trivializes the trauma of a survivor. Why aren’t we calling out the writers and the actors for this horrible concept?

  2. Please upload Oon Paus last episode.
    Also provide link where Oon Paus full serial episodes can view. Also ask Zee Team to add serial in Zee5 app like pimpalpan, abhalmaya etc. old serials are uploaded.

  3. I cannot believe people are still falling for this serial. It normalizes r*pe and trivializes the horrible trauma of a survivor. The idea of a victim unknowingly marrying her abuser and him expecting to be forgiven by her is so disturbing! Why aren’t we calling out the writers and actors for this b*llshit story?

  4. Please upload all episodes of oon paus on Zee Marathi portal…currently the last episode 429 and also episodes 321, 204, 195 are missing…We are waiting for it eagerly…pls upload the last episode

  5. Medha Girish Deshpande

    Kindly upload the last episode of Oon Paus. After seeing the best scene of that episode, I am very much eager to know what happened next. It creates curiosity. Please please upload it. I am in love with the character of Sagar and the chemistry of Sagar and Mukta. He works very intensely.

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