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Harshada Khanvilkar Age, Wiki Bio, Married Husband, Family

harshada khanvilkar actress
Name Harshada Khanvilkar l हर्षदा खानविलकर

Also known as Harshada Khaanwilkar

Birthdate / Date of Birth / Age 2nd July 1973. As of 2024, she is around 51 years old.

Marital Status / Husband / Boyfriend / Spouse Currently not married, possibly single. Check the full bio for relationship details. She is often linked to famous director Sanjay Jadhav

Wikipedia Biodata / Profile Background

Personal Life :

Harshada Ashok Khanvilkar is originally from Mumbai, and was born and brought up in the Lalbaug area. For her schooling, she first attended the IES school in Dadar and later went to Kirti college. This was followed up with an entry to the Ruparel College to pursue further education in law.

Her family included her mother, who was into teaching and she also has a young sibling Archana. She lived in a joint family in her childhood, which included her parents and her Kaka Kaku.

In her personal life, she is often linked to filmmaker Sanjay Jadhav, with whom she also runs a production house named Happinings Unlimited.

Besides acting and production, she is also interested in Costume Design. Sukanya Kulkarni is one of her favourite actress. Her height is around 5 feet 2 inches.

Career and Professional Life :

While she was still in college, a family friend took some photos of her, which ran on a magazine cover and was noticed by actress Neena Gupta. Thus, Harshada kickstarted her career with the Hindi serial Dard, which ran on Doordarshan in the 1990s. She played the role of Neena Gupta’s Boyfriend’s sister in this serial.

During college days, she also did a number of nataks such as Khel Majha and Lagnachi Bedi.

After a lot of small roles, her career took a huge jump after she landed a role in one of Marathi’s first daily soaps Abhalmaya in 1999.

Thereafter, she acted in a number of serials such as Gurukul, Oon Paus and Kalat Nakalat. More recently, she played the role of dominating Akkasaheb Sardeshmukh in the Star Pravah show ‘Puddhcha Paaul.’ Her relation with Kalyani, her daughter in law, played by Jui Gadkari was the main plot of the show. She plays positive and negative roles with equal ease.

In May 2018, Harshada entered the first season of Bigg Boss Marathi as a wildcard entry. The dynamics will be interesting, as both her Puddhcha Paul co-stars Jui and Astad Kale are fellow contestants there.

Natak / Plays Acted
  • Khel Thoda Vel
  • Pinjra
TV Serials / Shows Acted
  • Abhalmaya
  • Kalat Nakalat
  • Maziya Priyela Preet Kalena
  • Pudhacha Paul – Akka Saheb
  • Damini
  • Dard : Hindi
  • Abhalmaya
  • All The Best : Hindi
  • Commander : Hindi
  • Astitva Ek Prem Kahani : Hindi
  • Oon Paus
  • Gharkul
  • Uchapati
  • Kimayagaar

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  1. ज्या मालिकेत हर्षदा पहिल्यांदा स्वतंत्र नायिका झाली, त्या ‘सांजभूल’ मालिकेचे नावच नाहीये यात.

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