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Rang Majha Vegala Cast, Title Song, Wiki, Story – Star Pravah Serial

Rang Majha Vegala Image
Name / नाव Rang Majha Vegala (रंग माझा वेगळा)

Show Time Monday to Saturday 09:30 PM

Actors / Star & Show Cast / कलाकार
  • Ashutosh Gokhale – Karthik Inamdar (आशुतोष गोखले – कार्तिक इनामदार)
  • Reshma Shinde – Deepa Devkule (रेश्मा शिंदे – दीपा देवकुळे)
  • Harshada Khanvilkar – Saundarya Inamdar (हर्षदा खानविलकर – सौन्दर्य इनामदार)
  • Anagha Atul – Shweta Devkule (अनघा अतुल – श्वेता देवकुले)
  • Ambar Ganpule – Aditya Inamdar (अंबर गणपुळे – आदित्य इनामदार)
  • Purnima Talwalkar – Radha Devkule (पूर्णिमा तळवलकर – राधा देवकुळे)
  • Shrirang Deshmukh – Lalit Inamdar (श्रीरंग देशमुख – ललित इनामदार)


Genre Family (कौटुंबिक)

Story कथा माहिती / Wikipedia Information

‘Rang Majha Vegala’ is the love story of a young girl Deepa, played by actress Reshma Shinde.

Saundarya Inamdar (Karthik’s mother) is the boss of the ‘Saundarya’ business empire. She is a smart businesswoman but thinks that looks are the most important feature of a person. That’s why she hates dark-toned or black people. Saundarya arranges a “Miss Dombivli” pageant so that she can get her son, Karthik, to marry the winner of the contest.

Deepa’s mother passed away when she was young. Her father Shridhar marries Radha (played by Purnima Talwalkar). They then have a daughter- Shweta – who hates Deepa a lot, as her skin tone is ‘wheatish.’ In the house, Deepa’s stepmother Radha and stepsister Shweta always bully Deepa and think that she is unlucky for the house.

Despite her skin-tone, Shweta is beautiful and intelligent & wins the ‘Miss Dombivli’ Beauty Pageant. Saundarya then decides that Shweta is the beautiful and ideal wife for Karthik. Aditya who is the photographer of the ‘Miss Dombivli’ contest and Karthik’s younger brother, falls in love with Shweta while working at the pageant.

Karthik refuses to marry Shweta because, according to him, looking beautiful is not the only thing that should matter. Lalit (Karthik’s father) advises Saundarya that instead of Karthik, Aditya should wed Shweta.

When Aditya comes to know of his parent’s choice, he and Karthik visit Shweta’s house for a proposal. But Shweta misunderstands, believing that she will be marrying Karthik instead of Aditya.

This storyline is kind of new for television daily soaps. The audience will get to know that still in this modern age, people with ‘wheatish’ and dark skin tone get a bad reputation and ill-treatment from the society. The music for the series is produced by Nilesh Moharir and the title song is sung by Anandi Joshi & Mangesh Borgaonkar.

Channel Star Pravah (स्टार प्रवाह)

TRP Ratings Superhit (सूपरहिट)

Title Song / Title Track Click here to listen / क्लिक करून ऐका

Episodes Running Dates First Episode : 30th October 2019


Story & Director : Chandrakant Lata Gaikwad (चंद्रकांत लता गायकवाड)
Producer : Aparna Ganu Ketkar and Atul Ketkar (अपर्णा गणू केतकर आणि अतुल केतकर)
Production House : Right Click Media Solutions

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  1. This topic and contents are absolutely objectionable. As it depicts racism. I wish you to put lighter and positive thoughts rather than making this racist serial. You must possess a sense of duty towards the public which see television for their recreation. TRP doesn’t qualify you to make pointless and absurd idiopathic matter.

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